Monday, November 10, 2008

ketchup, anyone?

Every once in a while, I'll be sitting at the dining room table, twiddling my thumbs, and decide I need to dream up new ways to use empty method ceramic candle jars! (I mean, don't you do this? Everyone sits around and suddenly decides they need to come up with new uses for candle jars, right? Right! Ok, whew, good. I'm glad you're in agreement. Yes, yes, total agreement. Total...)

One of my favorite new ways actually happened by accident! I had been meaning to purchase some new baking soda for the refrigerator, to keep it fresh and the food great tasting; BUT decided I didn't want to sit the box in the fridge anymore. I wanted to find a "classier" way to do it. (it's a gay guy thing, automatically attempting to "class" up everything! No, seriously, it is. I swear it.) So I decided I wanted to pour the baking soda into a container, but couldn't find anything that really worked around the house - until I stumbled upon my empty ceramic candle jars! TADA! Classy, simple, keeps the fridge fresh, and no tacky open Arm & Hammer baking soda box (and yes, I know they have those stick up "smoke alarm" looking ones, but hello, they charge you an arm (ha ha, get it Arm & Hammer, oh I kill me) and a leg for those things, when you can buy a simple box of baking soda for sixty seven cents!)

Then, looking over to the fridge door, I saw all these packets of ketchup strewn about, and went DING-DING! In another jar they went! All nice and clean, leftover ketchup from all the random food take-out places, not wasted, ready to use, and hey, now I don't even have to buy any ketchup (they always throw so many packets in your bag! That, and oh yeah, I'm a frugal kind of guy. Frugal. Which really = poor. But Frugal sounds so much more pleasant, now doesn't it. Almost like you're poor, in France! Oh, now I feel all snooty. Poor, but snooty!)

Give'em a try, or come up with your own ways to use those empty candle jars! (I know you got like, a zillion. We all do! Cause we lust us some method candles! Ah, yes...)

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Felicia said...

Ooh! Those are some great ideas. I've got a bunch of soy sauce and ketchup packets and nowhere to put them. And I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking the baking soda box really does spoil the look of my fridge with all my take out containers...I mean...all my organic, sustainable, farmer's market produce.

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