Wednesday, November 26, 2008

daily candy = free hand wash!

Daily Candy is this great website that, each and every day, will email you great deals, new hot spots to check out, and wonderful products you just gotta try! All coming at you from cities like Boston, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, London, Dallas, on and on! (What, no Greensboro? Oh yeah, we suck.) Anyway, they've just announced a great deal for the Thanksgiving week!

Clean Sweep
Before you stuff your holiday turkey, be sure you’re not a dirty bird. Clean up your act with a 25% Deal on the entire Method collection. Plus, you’ll get a free hand wash with your order.

How awesome is that! I'm not sure if you get to choose your hand wash or not, but no matter, free rocks! So head on over, and get free! Keep in mind you have to sign up in order to get the deal, but it's oh so quick and easy! And then you can receive amazing emails announcing all sorts of cool things, places, and happenings, each and every day!

(PS - Keep in mind there's a "bug" in the promo that tallies your total up wrong at first, but then corrects it when you check out.)

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