Tuesday, November 11, 2008

holiday on the go

Hey, we all spend a crazy amount of time in our cars (and trucks!) What better way to enjoy it just a tad more, than decorate the crap out of it for the holidays! Yay!

method's green living expert, Danny Seo, and method lust reader Steve both mentioned recently they've taken the new method holiday potpourri ornament, and hung it from their rearview mirrors! What a wonderful idea! To be honest, I hadn't planned on purchasing one of these. They were just a bit pricey, and no refills are available once the potpourri loses it's spicey pear, or winter berry scent! But steve came to the rescue, mentioning replacing the potpourri with aroma ring refills! Awesome!

So I'm really starting to think this whole rearview mirror thing is a great idea! But here's my question. Uhm, I don't see how the ornament loop would fit around a rearview mirror. Did you cut it, then tie it around the mirror? How'd you get it up there?

What does everyone think? I might just have to head out and pick me up a spiced pear ornament... honk if you lust the holidays!


robertcraig said...

They don't smell. They cost 9.99 and they don't smell. I have one in my office on my desk, less than 10 inches from my nose and I cannot smell it unless I get within 2 inches from it. It was hanging in the window when I first got it and it never smelled. On the Aroma Factor Scale it is well below an aroma ring. If an aroma ring isnt strong enough for you, these ornaments will disappoint you.

But tossing in a ring refill sounds great...the design is pretty cool.

steve parker said...

the string is knotted on the inside of the ornament. just untie the string and remove if you want to place it on a table, or loop it around the rearview mirror and reinsert in the ornament and retie. I found the scent to be consistent with the aroma ring as far as strength. I bought the winter berry. I love that scent.

robertcraig said...

Unrelated and last year's but interesting: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/la/look/good-product-bad-packaging-method-dish-soap-035905

Ej said...

I am heading to Target on Saturday - I feel a method shop-a-thon coming that includes one of these!

kellyshaffner said...

Hi Nat:
I ordered 2 spiced pear & 1 winter berry ornaments online. (cannot purchase these in Calgary, Can). I was beyond excited when they arrived 2 days ago. I opened the spiced pear and found the smell great - fruity and just the right strength of smell.
I promptly attached it to my rearview mirror & was LIVING THE DREAM, Nat, LIVING THE DREAM! It looked better then I imagined. Life was perfect for 5 seconds, ... then the bottom of the ornament disconnected from the top and feel on the floor of my van.
After many attempts to get the 2 parts to stay together I gave up & taped them together with stragicially placed duct tape. So, end result = not as perfect as I imagined but my van does smell nice for the first time in a long time. The other 2 are sitting on my fireplace mantle.
Has anyone else experienced this problem - or did I get the only 3 'lemon' ornaments? -kelly

Nathan Aaron said...

Hey Kelly,

do ALL three ornaments do this? Man!...

ozzyboy said...

mine kept falling apart too. i just took the sticky glob thing that they used to attach the label to the ball, ripped it in two, put each piece along the groove on the bottom section, and pushed the top half down on it to keep it stuck in place.

so at least now i can think everything came included to keep it together.

kellyshaffner said...

Ozzyboy - great idea. Genius. I'm jealous. I bet you VCR never blinked 00:00, either.

Nat- Both green (pear) ornaments fell apart with only one gentle shake. The red (Berry) ornament takes a few good shakes to fall apart.

So, all three are not road worthy without some tape/glue/sticky glob stuff. I can hang the red one in the house without riggin' it up.

Now that the initial dissapointment is over, I'm loving them. I think I might use some double sided tape. That will look better than duct tape. lol

Nathan Aaron said...

What about sticky putty? You know, that blue (I think it's blue) stuff that comes in a little square, and you could just put a couple spots on the inside of the ball, snap, I think that would hold it, and it would still come apart! Hmm... I can't really yell at method for this one (I feel) as I don't think they had 70 MPH when they made these ornaments! LOL

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