Tuesday, November 11, 2008

even mo' ebay finds!

Paging James, paging James! (He's the one that snatched up the previous two premium candles available on ebay!)

I've found yet another great method premium candle line find on ebay! This time around it's an apple honey candle. The going price is $6.49 (no bids as of this writing), shipping is a (crazy) $6.20; with 5 days to go on the auction (unfortunately, there is no buy it now option.)

Pick it up before it's gone! And you can read more about the premium line here, on method lust.


Also, don't forget there is a method premium candle in fresh laundry scent available in the method market! See the sidebar for the method market image, and click it to see what all is available!


Oh, and James, let me know what your thoughts are on the two premium candles you purchased on ebay, when you receive, and try them out!


James said...

Hmmm...so tempting. I just got the other candles in the mail yesterday, Nathan, and I'm totally undecided if I should use them or let them live a happy life in my method vault. I mean, if I use them, I'll probably never find them again!

The scents are just ok. The lime isn't quite what I imagined...and that may be because...though the name is Lime, if you read the detailed description method mentions mixing in some other ingredients (I don't recall what else was mixed in). So...I have to say I think I like the citrus cilantro better. Don't get me wrong...I do like the lime candle a lot!

As for 'He brough flowers,' it's a very strong scent. And very flowery. DUH lol. I can only handle so much of that...so Lime was the clear winner of the 2 for me, but ultimately I prefer method's more recent scents :)

James said...

Ugh, the more I think about this the more I'm lusting it! I think I suggested honey as a scent method should try out. Honey and honeysuckle both smell great as candles (at least from other candle producers)...so I'm reeeeeally wanting to smell this honey apple ;) Can't we just fastfoward a few years and get to the point where computers can release scents and we can sample the scents at methodhome.com !!!

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