Friday, November 21, 2008

yes, virginia, there are mo' ebay finds!

Some great finds on ebay (at actually decent prices, shocking, I know!)

Uhm, remember that first product? It's the original release of holiday spiced pear, in an aroma pill! (method, we WANT our holiday aroma pills and sprays next year! This is a threat, I repeat, a threat! Are you all with me, method lusters! Let's start a method-olution! Holiday pills and sprays, next year!) And you get two of these babies, for one low price! Not a bad deal for some vintage holiday method!

+ method holiday spiced pear aroma pills $14.99 + $6.80 shipping (2) pills and refills

+ method lavender + lemongrass aroma rings $14.99 + $5.55 shipping (5) rings and discs - this is a really good deal, as five rings in Target would cost you $35 big ones!

+ method sweet water aroma pills $25.00 + free shipping! (8) pill refills - another great deal, as these would cost you $32. bucks in the store!

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