Tuesday, June 3, 2008


method lust reader Tracy wanted to let everyone in on a secret! If you haven't already discovered this, amazon.com sells method! I've known about this, and I know of at least one method luster that was planning on purchasing some bloq on amazon after it went into method Heaven; but I hadn't actually posted on the whole amazon subject, so thanks Tracy!

Bloq is in fact still available on there! Yay! Now, most of the method purchases are in bulk. As in, you don't purchase one bottle of hand wash, it's six! I've done some of the math, and it doesn't look like you really save anything (in fact it's a tiny bit higher than most Targets + you got shipping) but still, if there's something hard to find it might be a great place to hunt it out!

One item of AHA! for me was method pink grapefruit dish cubes! Available! Hmm...

Go here and get to shoppin! (You can also type 'method' in the search products field for more results.)

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Quill said...

Many of those items are eligible for the free Super Saver shipping (buy $25 or more, wait longer to get it). Given the prices required for bulk, it's not hard to meet that level--and pay no shipping.

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