Friday, June 6, 2008

take one pill...

Over on NOTCOT, there's a quick little article on the method aroma pill (it's a tad bit 2007, but hey, it's still relevant!) BUT, what caught my attention (and I had totally forgotten about this, noticing it as well on a recent Big Lots trip) is the aroma pill box has a scratch-n-sniff sticker! I never knew that until a few weeks ago, did you? The article goes:

"What imagery is more perfect for an aircare product than a giant pill? Afterall, if the need for an air freshener isn’t a giant pill/cure all… what is? Couldn’t resist the draw of method home’s gorgeous packaging and design today... 1) there is a scratch and sniff sticker as the seal of the box. 2) you can turn the plug depending how your plugs are oriented to keep the pill upright 3) playful use of language “Do not turn sideways, or else fragrance oil will spill. Gravity is mean like that.” So true."

There are some more photos of the pill, as well as a statement on their love for the omop (and rightfully so!) But back to the scratch-n-sniff. I had noticed these on the new baby + kids body line, and thought they rocked! They smell really well, also. But when I gave them a try on the aroma pill box, not so much smell. Since it was in Big Lots, it could be way past it's prime "scratch-n-sniff smell period"? I'll have to give a few in Target a try! But I'm loving this whole scratch-n-sniff thing they have going on! Plus it reminds me of my childhood.

Have you noticed the scratch-n-sniffs?


robertcraig said...

The scratch and sniff has never worked for me. I could never smell anything. I just smell a candle to figure out what a pill will smell like.

BTW You candle whores should make your own.

Kristin Hoenicke said...

I've noticed them! I've noticed them! I've done the candle smelling thing, too. HA!

Nathan Aaron said...

I think they work better on the baby + kids line. I think it's the kind of sticker. I really do. The ones on the pills are slick and shiny, and on the baby line they're more textured, not slick. Perhaps they hold the scent better?

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