Tuesday, June 3, 2008

longings for you

So while I was at the dentist (or oral surgeon, or whatever they call the people that do the big dental work and charge you lots of money) getting my root canal retreatment done (gah, I'd rather be poked and prodded by a doctor all day long then go to the dentist. I just hate it...) anyway, I took a step into the bathroom there, and what was on the counter top but method sweet water aroma spray! That's two dentists I've gone to, and they both had a method product! Sorta crazy cool, ain't it?

It got me to longing for the aroma spray, and wondering whenever it was going to come back? And why everyone at method was ignoring my previous request for any information they may have pertaining to it's return. Which scared me cause they really don't want to tell us, cause I bet it's going to be a long while. But no no, that's alright, we don't want to know. Definitely don't leave a comment or anything, cause we're not interested. No way. Uh-uh. (Reverse psychology. Think it'll work?)

But anyway, it also intrigued me cause the bottle was on the counter top without it's lid, for ease of use I guess. And it got me to thinking about the current Febreze bottles, and how the "lid" is a trigger "lid", meaning no real lid, just a trigger you spray. And I was thinking, I wonder if method might also be taking the time for an aroma spray bottle redesign while they wait out the other issues? And if so, would you like a trigger spray like this? Would it make spraying easier (no lid to remove and put back on. Ok, ok, I know, how lazy can we be? But still...) Curiosity wants to know. Immediately, cause well, curiosity is a bit of an, ahem, and if you don't get right back to her, she throws a fit, ok? I'm just sayin', is all.


Andrea said...

I would LOVE a trigger spray! (not out of laziness, but becuase I often lose the top and then the bottle doesn't look nearly as cute as a stink-eliminator bottle should look like!)

Netta said...

I totally agree with Andrea. Prior to becoming a method advocate I used febreze and loved the idea of not having to worry about misplacing the cap and the trigger spray look does not take away from the design at all.

stephenjames716 said...

when I heard that there was a recall on the spray, I emailed method and asked them what they could do for me as I had 3 of them, but no receipts.

I received a reply back asking for my home address...and a few days later I received a hand written note apologizing about the issue and there were also 3 coupons included for 3 free method products.

the way method handled the situation just goes to show you how great of a company they are.

p.s. bring back the aroma sprays!

Anonymous said...

I love the trigger idea but it's a bit hazardous with kids around trust me.
Also those Febreze spray apparatus thingies always quit working for me halfway through the can. They begin to leak and drip as I spray. Method makes washing my hands fun but combining my Febreze and my favorite Method scent doesn't go well for after wash sniffing.

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