Monday, June 2, 2008

more discoveries!

Guess what I found this weekend at Big Lots? Cut grass and fresh lychee candles! More of the "summer line" is starting to show up at the close-out discounter!

Also, as has been stated by other method lusters here, this particular Big Lots finally got in some morning bloom detergent, more plug-in refills (in sweet water and lavender + lemongrass); and a zillion, a zillion I tell you candles. They already had fig (which I bought one more of. I could only do one, I want to buy them all, but I'm so freakin' poor, and uh, I own ten, and just couldn't justify it.) and lavender + lemongrass. But they've added the cut grass, fresh lychee, sweet water, and some discontinued eucalyptus + mint.

I bought five things! And get this, only one was for me (the fig candle.) I'm trying a "tis better to give than to receive" mentality (which by the way, I completely disagree with, it's ALWAYS better to recieve! Ha! But uh, I'm trying to be a good person. THIS week...) and bought two of my friends some delightful spray cleaner (which I'm not saying any more on here, as they might be reading this and I have yet to give it to them!) and I picked up one surprise find for the method lust adovcate spotlight contest! It's vintage method! Still haven't found any fig plug-in refills yet. Don't think I will, either. sniff sniff.


robertcraig said...

Hey, has anyone tried a pill refill from Big Lots? I have found they only have a shelf life of 8-10 months before they go kind of stale and burnt smelling.

The candles and soaps seem to be fine after more than a year.

Nathan Aaron said...

Really? Huh, odd. I'm not sure. I mean I've been buying these lavender + lemongrass ones and they're no problem. But they haven't been around that long...

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