Monday, June 30, 2008

snap + crackle + pop

Poo. Let me start off by saying, I LUST some method omop like nobody's business! I think I could omop my house all day long! And that's exactly what I was doing yesterday afternoon, when snap! off came the handle. - Again. And you can't have a snap, without a crackle and pop, right? Well, no joke, as I was omopping, I heard this faint crackle sound, and the first thing that went off in my head was "Oh no, my handle is going to break off again!" but it didn't. So I breathed a sigh of relief, and continued mopping, and then a couple minutes later, pop! snap!

I was so bummed! method's had problems with the omop handles in the past, but I had hoped their issues were over. Now, I actually had this problem one other time, and method has been wonderful to their advocates by asking for a simple photo of the broken omop, and then replacing it free of charge (which is SO sweet of them, given that they're $25. I think that's why they do replace them, due to the price of the item, and the fact that they're just that kind of company!) So all I did was email in a photo, and boom, a new one arrived at my doorstep. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to have to do this again (and hopefully I'll get a replacement. I had read about someone who had this happen to them three times, but method replaced it free of charge each and every time.)

I'm SO not a products designer, but looking at the broken handle (and having looked at the previous one I had way back when) it appears the handle part is made in two pieces of thick plastic. One is the handle, and the second part is the handle piece that actually fits into the metal pole. What's odd to me is, the handle is somehow fused onto the second piece of plastic that is in the pole. It seems to me if they could simply make this one large piece, instead of two fused pieces, that would solve their problem? No? I have no clue, but I'm gonna try to sound all smart here.

Perhaps when I received my first replacement, they were still working on getting the kinks out (this apparently doesn't happen to all omops.) So maybe all is well in omop land now! Either way, the product rocks, and method definitely stands by it and their advocates!


In fact, how about a great method omop review!

"I read a wonderful review on the Method OMop starter kit and ran to Target to go get one for myself. I really like Method’s products and ideas on being environmentally friendly. The OMop is no exception, and in addition it happens to be the best mop I have ever used! I am getting rid of the rest and buying another OMop for my beach house because this thing is pretty cool!

Here is the idea: giant swiveling mop head with a long and strong curved handle and a comfortable rubberized gripping end. Tiny Velcro like teeth grab microfiber cloths that are washable. Instead of throwing away mopping pad after pad with the swiffer, the OMop microfiber pads are washable! It is brilliant, but gets better! These microfiber towels are not only washable, but they also are extremely strong and gripping. Even for my tough spill spots it only takes a few passes to clean.

What’s in the box: The snap together mop, a bluish microfiber all floors pad, some sweeping cloths, and the instructions plus a small 14 ounce starter bottle of their ginger lemon all floors cleaner (the full size bottle is 25 ounces). The mop is in four parts and easily assembled. The OMop microfiber pad goes right on the end easily. The head of the mop is both generous in size (14 inches by 5.5 inches!!!) as well as super light weight! It is a marvelous combination. All of these cleaning products are non toxic and biodegradeable.

The starter kits comes with these crazy sweeper sheets made of 100% corn and intended to be composted. The sheets just don’t work that well, although I do find them pretty useful for dog hair pick up duty while my Newfie is shedding this season (these are not dustbunnies, but rather tumbleweeds of dog hair!!!!). While I think composting is a good idea, overall I don’t find the sheets very useful and would rather they had concentrated on lessening the starter kit packaging and not included them.

This mop is really fabulous - I don’t know how I can make that more clear. The curved body is a perfect angle for putting more force on those sticky spots without me having to use all of my muscles! In addition, the mop head swivels all the way around for easy reaching in hard places. The directions state to squirt some of the cleaning fluid on the floor and mop up the floor, but I found that the microfiber pad is so absorbent on the initial pass that I was left without sufficient fluid on the floor to clean any reasonable amount of square footage. I decided to rinse the pad out with water and squeeze it dry to start with a damp towel. This method worked amazingly well and the dirt came off my floor easily.

I did my entire kitchen and decided to rinse my pad again and keep going. My entire downstairs and much of my upstairs is bamboo. I ended up using three pads to clean the entire house. I threw the pads in with the wash and they came out almost new looking. They are pretty amazing and supposedly according to the manufacturer will actually get better as I use them more. They are supposed to last through 50 washes, but I bet they might go longer than that. They seem to be constructed of high quality materials and meant for longevity.

The floors are gorgeous! The house smells great and I am thrilled that I was able to do it all without hurting my back over too much labor! There is no residue, but instead only clean floors for a moment in time before I must do it all over again.

Lastly: This is more mopping than I normally would do, but I have a new baby and my Scooba is too loud for the little light sleeper. I found this OMop to work so well, that I might buy it as a gift for everyone I know! My seven year old is so excited that she is asking for a lesson now. I might get another one for her! I highly recommend it!
- Joyfulgirl91"


robertcraig said...

Mine broke and they sent me a coupon for another starter kit.

The new one hasn't snapped...yet

Anonymous said...

I've had 3 break on me now - since they said they fixed the problem. My current mop is being used handle-less, which sucks. But I'm tired of dealing with it and with the people at Target. I don't want to get a note in their system that I'm a habitual return customer.

Karin said...

any thoughts on the fact that maybe too much unnecessary pressure is being put on the omop? i've used the omop a few times and i've never had to use much pressure to get the job done. just a thought.

steve parker said...

i had this happen, and they sent me a coupon for a new one (don't return it to Target, guys. it's not their fault. method loves making us happy. they'll fix the problem). i had the same thought about pressure causing the break. since i don't have a lot of tile to omop, the microfiber pad never gets very wet, so it can be a little resistant. i now spray mine with some water before using it. now i don't have the problem of initial resistance before the pad gets saturated with cleaner.

pcarpen said...

I just broke my *third* omop, and I just can't ask Method for another one. They're just too nice to keep sending new ones to me, I just feel bad emailing them and saying "Um, remember me? Yeah, I broke another one..." I just know that I'll just keep breaking them until they redesign the top part of the handle as a single piece! In the meantime, I'm fine using my shortened version.

Stephanie said...

I can't bring myself to call them a FIFTH time. Yes -- 5 omops have broken on me. They've replaced them four times -- they are SO wonderful -- but I just can't do it! I wish they would just redesign the handle. Great looking is nice, but useable is better. (I wish I could post a picture of my fix -- two heavy duty plastic chopsticks duct-taped on each side of the handle to kind of provide some stability.)

Anonymous said...

Meeeee *raising hand* Method is an amazing company though. Mine has broke once and they sent me the coupon for replacement. So far I have not had an issue with the new one. I hope they have or do fix the problem because I love my omop.

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