Monday, June 23, 2008

be my baby

To all those in the ownership of wee ones! I've had a few emails wanting to know how the baby laundry detergent is? Being that I'm baby free at the moment, I thought I'd ask our fellow method lusters! Who has used this product, and what were your opinions?

Also, how is the scent. One reader wanted to know what the scent was like? Is it too baby powdery? Not even baby powdery? Light? Heavy? Give us your thoughts! (And chocolates, too. We'll definitely take chocolates. But thoughts will work just fine, if that's all you've got. But really, next time bring chocolates. It's the only right thing to do.)

1 comment:

Netta said...

I do not have any children but I use the baby laundry detergent in place of woolite for my delicate clothing. The smell is very light and airy and calming. It is not baby powdery, or too strong, or overwhelming and my delicates wash as if I used woolite if not better. I love the baby detergent.

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