Thursday, June 12, 2008

detox review

method luster netta got the extremely lucky opportunity to head on over to method's detox new york (now over! Where will they be next?) and gives us her review:

"I had to email you and tell you about my experience at the pop up shop here in NY. I went on Saturday since it was the last day and arrived around 10:15am with 2 bags full of toxins (since I became an advocate, I cleared out all of the toxins in the house and put them in my garage so I have tons of toxins to get rid of) and I was greeted with a lot of smiles, hellos, and thanks for coming and bringing the toxins. I am so bad with names and should have written them down but didn't. I was in the store for over half an hour talking with the employees about my experience with method and how I began using method products. (remember my bathroom incident? yes I told them about that). Then they told me about the company and the people that work there and that they are busy creating products to make their customers happy and I loved every bit of it.

I had so much toxins with me the employees almost gave me all of their products for free. I received 3 tear drop handwashes (french lavendar, sweet water, and sea minerals) and 3 moisturizing handwashes (almond flower, white tea, and olive leaf) all for free for bringing all those toxins. I wanted one of the "plastic bag rehab" totes so I had to purchase five items to get it. I picked 2 wood for good (I have a lot of wood furniture), lil bowl blu, and 2 baby lotions (I use this for my sensitive skin and I love the smell) and I was only charged $20 with tax. If I purchased these items at Target I would have paid about $28 dollars before tax. While I was making my purchase one of the employees threw in the kids body wash in both crisp apple and fuzzy peach. I was so excited.

Oh this you are going to love....they had a few bottles of their new line coming out in the fall (that's what they told me but in your blog it said August, so I'll just have to see), something minerals. I can't believe that I forgot the name. It has the word minerals in it but I am sure that you know what I am talking about since you stay on top of what is going on over at method and oh my goodness they all smelled good. I wanted one so bad but they were all part of the display and couldn't get it. I understood though, I'll just have to wait until it comes out but I was still satisfied and happy with all the free stuff that I got. I think that I got so much free stuff because it was the last day in NY but I enjoyed my visit and had a great time with the employees. This pop up shop idea was so genius of method. I have more toxins in my garage to get rid of but I think that they are going to stay there for the next time method comes back to NY. Hopefully it will be sometime next year.

Oh my goodness, I lust method so much."

OK, you got a sneak peek of the new (at the time titled Marine Naturals) personal care line? (They may have changed the name.) I AM so jealous! AND I can't believe of all the photos of detox New York I've seen, I have yet to see these products in a pic! Maybe they're in some super secret special place where no flash photography is allowed? Hmm, I'm gonna have to beg a certain someone for a sneak peek! (Let the begging begin! You KNOW who you are!) Thanks for the review, Netta! I can't wait to see the pics you also took!

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Netta said...

You know what Nathan, you may be right...marine naturals sounds familiar and may be the name of the product. I have not gotten a chance to get my photos developed yet but I will get on it over the weekend and forward them to you. I had a wonderful time at the pop up shop.

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