Monday, June 16, 2008

more big deals!

method lust reader Missy was right! After she'd mentioned finding hand wash and refill packages during a recent Big Lots trip, I decided to stop in this weekend and see if anything new had popped up. And I wasn't disappointed! It definitely seems like, to me at least, method is cleaning out the warehouse, cause more and more products are showing up at Big Lots. Now, for some reason there is only one Big Lots in my area that is getting most of it. The others pretty much just have the plug-ins (cut grass and fresh lychee.) But I don't know how their shipments work, and such, so...

Missy found pink grapefruit, lavender, eucalyptus + mint, and green tea + aloe hand soaps; as well as handsoap refills in eucalyptus + mint and the green tea + aloe, in the old refill containers (not the bags.) At my local store, I also found pomegrante hand wash (I was so excited about this! I had never tried the pomegrante! But (sorry method) it smelled like cherry Kool-Aid to me, and was so not what I expected, that I passed. I can see why it was discontinued, personal opinion only!) and they also had grapfruit + pear plug-in refills! Man, I hadn't seen those in forever! They were in the new aircare packaging as well, as these must be ones you buy online; as they've been discontinued from Target forever (but are still available on the method home site.) They did also have cucumber hand soap and refill bottles. They did not have the pink grapefruit (boo!) or the green tea + aloe soaps at my Big Lots.

I went back to also pick up another bottle of the spiced pear cleaning spray for a friend of mine, and BOOM, they were all gone! Popular! My two (non-method at the moment) friends love the scent! Hint hint, method!

Great deals!


Rebecca said...

Hi Nathan!
There's not Big Lots near me so whenever I travel near one, I stop in! I was at one last week and found: pomegranate hand wash, hand wash refills for Eucalyptus Mint , Green Tea and Sweetwater, and Aroma pills in Fresh Lychee (and one other, can't remember). I did get 2 pomegranate hand washes, 2 EM refills, and a Fresh Lychee aroma pill... and I'm sorry I didn't get more of the aroma pills because I love the scent - and it's too far away to justify driving back there just for that1 : )

Nathan Aaron said...

method lust reader Netta seems to find some old stuff at Duane Reede (which I think is a New York pharmacy? Or is it sorta nationwide?) I don't know, we don't have those here, but perhaps these discontinued products show up in other stores, where Big Lots aren't available? Curious!

Netta said...

Yes Nathan I did find some goodies here in New York at a Duane Reade. I found hollyberry dish liquid, hand soap, and surface spray. There was also one lonely bottle of cinnamon bark counter spray so I grabbed that as well. There was also a few bottles of dish soap in the retro bottle (the one that almost look like an hour glass). The only thing was that everything was about a dollar more than Target.

Jessica said...

hey netta is that a duane reede in manhattan? are there any goodie left? becuase the one near me only has new stuff.

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