Monday, June 9, 2008

squirt + mop + enjoy

We don't really talk about the method floor cleaners here much. Oh the omop gets a lot of attention, but poor little lemon ginger, it feels all left out. So how about a review! Yay lemon ginger, yay!

"I am a huge fan of the method line of cleaning products. When they came out with their Omop microfiber mop, I immediately bought the starter kit despite the fact that I already owned something like 7 other mops at the time. The starter kit came with the Omop, one microfiber mop pad, and a small bottle of Lemon Ginger All Floor Cleaner. While I do like method's mop, I think the best part of the starter kit is the floor cleaner. Anyone can use it as a "squirt and mop" cleaning product with all types of mops.

The Lemon Ginger All Floor Cleaner is yellow in color and comes in a 25 fluid ounce oval-shaped bottle. It's very easy to use. All you have to do is squirt it down onto the floor and mop it up with either a dampened Omop pad or another mop. It does an excellent job of lifting dirt from floors without leaving streaks or residue behind. My favorite thing about this product is the fabulous fragrance. It's a delightful combination of strong lemon and spicy ginger that leaves a room smelling fresh and clean for about 30 minutes after use, though I wouldn't mind if it lingered for at least an hour. (hint, hint method)

I paid about $5 for it at Target which is significantly more than your typical Mr. Clean-type products. Still, I love the fact that it's a "squirt and mop" cleanser and the fact that it smells soooooo good. I also rationalize my purchase by reminding myself that it's non-toxic, biodegradable, and it doesn't contribute to the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

method Lemon Ginger All Floor Cleaner is an excellent floor cleanser that blasts away dirt while still being kind to the Earth. I have been using it consistently for the past several months and I have no plans to switch to another product. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful, non-toxic cleanser.
- njchicaa"

And while we're at it, how about a flashback review for method's french lavender floorcare (pre-omop!), which you might currently be able to find at your local Big Lots (I did! They have a bunch!)

"I'm a big fan of the method line of non-toxic earth-friendly products, so of course I had to try out the Method Floor Care product. With this manufacturer, you know that your cleaner won't contain harsh chemicals and that beautiful scent will linger after you're done. The biggest question I had before using the cleaner was simple: is it effective? The answer is mixed. Let me explain... The instructions on the package stated that I needed to dilute the cleaner by mixing 1/4 cup with 1 gallon of warm water. This would give me a "no-rinse" cleaning solution. Well, since I don't generally use a mop and bucket to clean my vinyl tile kitchen floors, that left me with a bit of a dilemma. I decided to dilute the solution and pour it into an empty squirt bottle. That way, I could just spritz the solution on the floor, and mop with my generic Swiffer-type mop. Since I'd diluted the product before I put it in the spray bottle, there was no need to rinse.

In general, I was pleased with how the formula cleaned through the dirt on my floors. However, some dried spots needed a bit more effort to scrub out the stain. As with other method products, the floor care cleaner is not as strong as some of the harsher cleaning agents I have replaced it with. But I believe it's well worth the extra physical effort it may take to scrub out an occasional spot.

The formula contains plant-derived ingredients and essential fragrance oils that provide the cleaning power. I believe so much in limiting my access to chemicals and helping out the environment while I do it. I feel strongly that the method line of home care products helps keep my family, my pet, and my environment healthier.
- LoveIsJoy"

Right now I use the Rosemary Mint and Lavender "old school" floorcare I still have, and just mix it with water in my trial size lemon-ginger bottle you get when you purchase the omop, and it works great! Hmm, speaking of that bottle, my lid has a big crack in it, around the seal. I wonder if method would send me one of those bottles, empty of course? Cause I love using it (cause it's cool and method looking, over just a plain squeeze bottle.) Oh method?


Kristin Hoenicke said...

I love the lemon ginger all floor cleaner! I've used it twice now and it works very well on my laminate flooring. Of course, the fun is in the scent, so I look forward to cleaning when I get the chance. I do wish the scent lingered longer, too. I wouldn't want the scent to get stronger in order to have more staying power, though.

Netta said...

I too love the lemon ginger scent. I use it on my ceramic floors in my kitchen and bathrooms and I love the scent. It is very light and pleasant (wished that it last longer). It works very well and I love it. It cleans my ceramic floors without leaving streaks and without making the floors look dull. I recommended this product to 2 of my friends and they are satisfied with the results as well.

Jessica said...

can you use the lemon ginger on wood? i know there is a seperate wood cleaner (which i love) but when i went to get another omop there was only the set with the lemon ginger so i just bought it but i only have wood floors. you think its fine?

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