Tuesday, June 10, 2008

and the winner is...

The winner of the first ever method lust contest is
Vimie Joy Magsino! Congrats, Vimie! The winner was chosen at random (the good ole fashioned way, strips of paper with everyone's names on them, in a bowl!) And just in case you were wondering, the swimsuit shot had nothing to do with her winning, you know? Cause well, duh, you should know by now!

I wanted to thank everyone who sent in an entry for the advocate spotlight contest! I really appreciate it! And everyone's spotlight will appear on method lust! (A new one premieres each Monday!) Vimie's will run next week, starting June 16th.

Vimie, I'll contact you so that I can send out your method lust goodie box lickety-split! After she's had a chance to receive the box, I'll post a pic up of what Vimie has won! And don't worry, they'll be more method lust contests, and more chances to win!

And remember, you can always submit your advocate spotlight to run on the sidebar! Go here for full instructions! (It's so easy!)

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