Thursday, June 5, 2008

g'day, nate!

Ho, boy! I be so excited! (PS - Sarah thank you SO much for sending this my way, I owe you a big, real email! It's comin'!) My name's in lights! Ok, no, wait, it's more like in ten point type on lots of sheets of paper, but yay! (Allow me to toot my own horn for a moment, ok? I don't do it too often, and it IS my birthday month after all. Or should I just beg? Please let me toot my own horn, PLEASE let me toot my own horn! Pleeeaasse, Pleeeaaase! Told ya.) Check it out, I'm in some magazine with lots of circulation (I had the number at home in my email, and fo'got it! I'll try and dig that up so I can toot some more!) focusing on the introduction of method in Australia! Yes, you read right, Australia! I told you earlier method was headin' down under, and I wasn't lying! This month (my birthday month, in case you already forgot. You did, didn't you? I mean, do you have anything more important to remember here? I didn't think so.) is the method Australian debut, and they even have a website! (Be it small and to the point at the moment.)

So Sian Briggs, the writer, contacted me around a month ago with a few simple questions for possible inclusion in her article, since she had been searching online for information on method, and stumbled upon, oh you guessed it, ole' method lust. Good ole' boy, method lust. Good ole' boy. So realizing I must be insane to be doing this, she asked me a few questions (such as "Are you insane to be doing a method blog for gratis?" Ok, so no, she didn't ask that question, but they were very similar.) And I responded enthusiastically, hoping at least the name of the blog might appear somewhere in said article, probably somewhere in the middle, if it even did work out. You know how things get written, and things get cut out, and Nathan gets left on the cutting room floor, right? He always gets left, somewhere. But I digress!...

Hello, middle of the article? How about the FIRST paragraph of the entire piece (including large N for Nathan!) Oh yes! I couldn't believe it. I think I let out a girly squeal (apologies to all girls) and did a Snoopy dance! (The one he does in the Christmas cartoon, cause come on, that's the best one!)

The article begins:

"Nathan Aaron is a 36 37-year old graphic artist living in North Carolina, and he loves Method products. Like, really loves them. So much so that he devotes at least two hours a day blogging his passion for them on his aptly named blog site, methodlust. "It's some place where people can come and find almost anything out they want to know about Method - the brand, the company, the people and the products," he enthuses.

But hang about. If you're not on the payroll - and Aaron swears he isn't - why waste your time plumping someone else's profit margin?

"When I find something I really love, I want to tell everyone about it," Aaron explains, recounting the exact moment he fell in lust with Method's mint-dish soap.

Aaron concedes that, OK, perhaps he does sound like a walking, talking advertisement and, sure, maybe he is a bit obsessed with Method, but he insists it's a healthy fixation.

"They're great products that happen to be great for the environment," he declares.

Call him a nutter, but a quick Google search reveals Aaron is not alone in his devotion..."

See, you know it's definitely from Australia, cause who says "But hang about." What does that mean? Ha! I'm thinking something like "But hold on a minute..." I think I might start saying "But hang about!" all the time, and see what happens. Uh, and did she just call me a nutter? Ok, she's probably right.

I'm going to see if I can get a complete copy of the article from the writer, to reprint here on method lust, so we can learn more about method Australia! Any readers from Australia here? Are you excited method is coming your way?

I just wanted to share, I was excited! Horn tooting over.


Kristin said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting! I can imagine how enthused you must be... it's awesome.

Netta said...

Yeah Nathan!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats

Sam said...

Nathan is a nutter! Nathan is a nutter! Oh, phone's ringing... Hang about... Hmmm... Where was I? Oh, yeah! NATHAN IS A NUTTER! NATHAN IS A NUTTER!

Congrats to you, Mr. Nate! That's awesome. You gotta get some copies of the mag. I want mine signed and framed.


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