Monday, June 9, 2008

island in a bottle

method has this image on their website, method home, discussing their many wonderful being green attributes! But the image got me to thinking "Hey, could this be possible?" Could you plant a little seed inside a method hand wash bottle, and have yourself a little personal paradise? Maybe some herbs? Or a tiny terrarium? As the herbs (or other plants) got bigger, you could maybe slice the bottle in half, and the bottom have would remain it's "vase"? What do you think? I know for sure this might be a great way for me to start herb seeds indoors, and not have to worry about the cats munching down on them! (They eat anything green in sight, I swear!)

And I'm not even talking about the biggie refill bottles from Costco (does method still make those? Has anyone actually seen them in person, or are they like the Loch Ness Monster? Ha ha!) Those would definitely work! Wow, the possibilities! What do you think? I dare ya' to give it a try!


rainshiney said...

method kid & method baby bottles are featured today on (ad design blog)... how cool is that? :)

Nathan Aaron said...

Thanks! I'll do a link over!

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