Monday, June 16, 2008

what'cha wanna?

Time for some chit chat! I'm curious what you enjoy reading the most on method lust? (Of course it's the very well balanced blend of it all, right? RIGHT? Of course it is!) But I'm just wondering what people find most interesting here? Is it insight into method as a company (and those who work there?) Old products brought out and dusted off for a look back? How people use method in their homes? Could it be the environmentalism side of things focusing on plastic bags, melting glaciers, and Nathan's overall doom and gloom outlook? (Ha ha! Oh no, wait, it's true. sniff.) Or is it the latest products? Product reviews? Sneak peeks?

I'm just curious what you'd like to read more of, what excites you the most? Let me know! Drop a comment.


Netta said...

Nathan, I love it all.

steve parker said...

here, here! keep it coming! i like the randomness of it all. it's how my mind works!

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