Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Katherine Farkas, are ya' listening?

Ok, so today I went to KFC (I know, I KNOW! Don't even, let's just move on) to give their new smoky chipotle chicken a try (end result, I'd suggest you don't try. Ha ha. Nah, it was alright. It was what you expect, from fast food. And YET, I never learn my lesson.) Anyway, for the second day in a row, it was going to be sixteen minutes before the chicken was done (man, it must be popular at the moment, though!) And while yesterday I just left and went elsewhere, today I decided to stick it out, and waste sixteen minutes until my smoky chick-chick was ready. So I headed on over to the nearest Kmart (GAH! Target was too far away.)

Now, what do gay guys do in Kmart when they have to wait sixteen minutes for smoky chipotle chicken, you ask? They go search out the candle section, of course! Mmm! And WHAT do I find? Kmart has totally ripped off method! I was shocked! Right there on an end shelf sat candles, in four scents: lavender tea, sweet pea, apple blossom, and some other scent I can't remember because seriously, they stunk. But no joke, they were sitting in the iconic Karim Rashid method ceramic cup! I mean, it was a total copycat. It wasn't near as well done, and it was a vaguely antique white, with this horrid scribbly flower painted on the jar; but it was THE method cup! I checked the bottom, and they were made especially for Kmart. I'm curious if method (or Katherine Farkas, designated natural-law protector of method's patents and trademarks) knows about this.

Again, I did not have my camera on me. Sigh. I should sneak it in and get a pic!

This brings to mind another time, this was probably a year ago, way before method lust (there was a "before method lust?" Wha? How did I live?) that I stepped into a drug store (I can't remember if it was a CVS, or Eckerd, or what it was? Darn!) and was roaming around, and noticed they had these soap hand washes in the exact teardrop bottles that method has. Again, I was like NO way, they ripped method off! I'm not sure if these are still around or not, I haven't been back there in ages.

But it brings to mind the knowledge that, yeah duh, I know people love method; but hello, who knew method was SO popular, and that ceramic cup so hip (ok, well, we did! But alas...) that other companies had decided to mold their own versions of method's packaging! Have you ever found method packaging that wasn't method?

Go get'em, Katherine!


Anonymous said...

I was at my local big lots today and noticed a hand sanitizer in a similar bottle with the method m on it... investigating further.

Nathan Aaron said...

It's not the actual method hand sanitizer, you mean? Huh? I know they carry discontinued method products now and then, so I'd guess it were that... keep us updated!

Or are you joking? I'm not sure. I can be a bit slow at times...

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