Friday, June 27, 2008

site updates

Looks like today method has finished up some of the changes to their new site which they'd been planning! (And I love the "method is feeling pooped" quote in the upper left! Hysterical! Roll over the 'pooped' to read their cute statement.)

They've gotten some beautiful new imagery to go along with their products section. You can now peruse the products via scent, type, or browse all. Selecting scent will give you selections consisting of green + herbaceous (whew! Did I spell that right?), citrus, floral + fruity, fragrance-free, watery (a weird one) and gourmet! Choosing type will give you aircare, all surface, baby + kids, bathroom, body care, hand care, dish, laundry, omop, and specialty. And guess what's back? (No, not aroma spray, yet!)

The method t-shirts have returned! Yay! $15.00, in "method" and "cleans like a mother" varieties. They only have men's shirts at the moment, but I'm sure the women's are on their way! I can't wait to finally order a method shirt! Check out the new site additions for yourself!

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