Thursday, June 12, 2008

tag, you're it

And you thought I was going to let you down, didn't you? (Nathan is always saying he's going to get us pics of things, and then he doesn't.) Well ye of little confidence, eat your words! Cause here you go. I ran into Target last night, and uh, snuck a couple of these tags off a couple method bottles, ran home and scanned them into the computer for all of method lustdom. Shh, don't tell method... DARN!

They are these cute promotional tags strung onto the bottles, in the shape of the method house logo, printed inside and out. They are showing up randomly on hand wash and wood for good spray bottles. (At least that's where I found these.)

This one actually came from the wood for good spray bottle, and is promoting the new bathroom line.

And this one came from the hand wash bottle, and is promoting the new hand wash refill packages. Tada!

1 comment:

steve parker said...

hmm. to be honest, i hadn't noticed them. clever concept, though i imagine most non-method people will walk away disappointed that there's no coupon inside.

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