Thursday, June 5, 2008

moisture line review

Over on Sustainable Is Good, Rider Thompson has a post up on the method moisture natural body line:

"New natural body care products from San Francisco-based Method are a good choice for a top quality product at an affordable price.

The new body care line consists of body wash, a body bar and hand wash. The products are all linked together through the innovative design of their packaging. The packaging features a quilted look that is simple, distinct and rather elegant.

The body care line is available in three scents, olive leaf, almond flower and white tea. Like other Method products their new products are made almost entirely of natural ingredients. They contain no parabens, triclosan or other dangerous additives and are never tested on animals.

The packaging is recyclable made from #2 HDPE plastic.

Sustainable is Good Products had the opportunity to try each of the new body care products. Like other Method products we liked them. The body wash was particularly notable - rich and luxurious with a wonderful lather leaving the skin with a nice moisturized feeling.

Of the three scents our favorite is olive leaf - a delicate unique scent we found it just perfect.

The new natural body collection products are available nationwide at Target stores."


Kristin Hoenicke said...

I have yet to try any products from the body care line. Does anyone absolutely love them? I may try them if I get a big enough push.

Netta said...

I tried the almond flower and the white tea body care line and I love them both. I am having a tough time finding the olive leaf line at any Target. I have been to 4 different Targets and have not had any luck with the olive leaf line. It means either of 2 things - people love it enough that Target can't keep it on their shelf OR Target does not have enough inventory of this scent. I will keep visiting Target until I am able to purchase the olive leaf or worst case scenario, I will order it online.

Nathan Aaron said...

If you've tried any of the creamy hand washes, you've pretty much tried this line. They are the exact same scents, except in body wash and body bars. I love the olive leaf, and almond flower. I'm surprised you can't find the olive leaf, Netta! How odd? I think it is rather popular!

Can you believe it's only two months til the new Marine Naturals body line debuts!? (I know I know, one thing at a time, Nathan. But I'm excited!)

Netta said...

Nathan I can actually smell the difference in the scent of the hand washes (almond flower & white tea). I am surprised that I am having a hard time getting the olive leaf as well. When I go the Target the area on the shelf where the olive leaf is suppose to be is empty. I found the hand soap a couple of times but the bottles were messy like they exploded so I did not buy them.
Yes I cannot wait for Marine Naturals to debut I am so excited. Something else to try and give a review on.

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