Thursday, June 26, 2008

method commercials!

method luster Netta just let me know:

"Nathan, Nathan....ooooh I am so excited. I am sitting on my living room couch watching (tv) anywho, a Target commercial just aired and the theme was "green" and a few items were shown in snapshots and one of the items was... wait now... brace yourself... a method tear drop hand soap in what looked like go naked and they zoomed in on the hand wash so you saw "method" in big letters. I hope that Target is going to continue these "green" commercials and I hope that Method continues to get that exposure."

Unforunately I haven't been able to find this particular commercial online; but during my search, I found another Target commercial featuring the method omop! How cool is that! Target always has great commercials, and adding method to the mix just makes them even better! I'll hope to see the one Netta mentions on tv soon!

1 comment:

Nate said...

I love Target's commercials. That one also had the Kone by Karim Rashid!

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