Thursday, June 19, 2008


Looks like method has gotten some competition over at Target. Some method lust readers have sent me emails on this subject, and I'd noticed it myself a while ago. Target has begun carrying four environmentally friendly cleaning lines! Along with our beloved method, they now carry Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, and JR Watkins. They moved the method line down a bit on the shelf, and at least at my Target, put up an entire section featuring these new products.

While I praise Target for going down the environmental path, it still erks me a bit when they clearance some method product (that isn't being discontinued) and just make room for something else; leaving me to either live without, or order the product online (wet dryer sheets, I'm talking about you.) Alas, I have to buy the Seventh Generation dishwasher detergent, cause uh, method doesn't make dish cubes any longer. (method, what's up?! We love our dish cubes!) It'll be interesting to see if these products last on Target's shelves; or if they're just another Target "here today, gone tomorrow" item. Either way, method's proven they're in it for the long run! Yay!


robertcraig said...

I HATE Mrs Meyers. They are white-washing liars. They do NOT disclose all of their ingredients. They actively use SLS and parabens but they have this "all natural environmental propaganda" on their website.

I know Method uses SLS in some of their products, but when Method claims a particular product is naturally derived, they really mean it and disclose ALL the ingredients.

I know parabens are NOT proven to cause cancer. BUT our bodies do absorb the synthetic preservative and hold on to it. That much is scientifically proven. Why would you want to wash your hands and body with a preservative that your body absorbs and has been shown to show up in breast cancer tissue.

Plus I wrote a letter to Mrs Meyers asking about unnatural ingredients and I got a nasty response.

Netta said...

I noticed that too at both Targets that I frequent. I do use a combination of seventh generation and mrs meyers products because Method does not make them. For instance I use ironing spray, dishwasher detergent, and room spray from mrs meyers and dishwasher liguid, toilet paper, paper towels, and tissue from seventh generation because Method don't make these products yet. When Method get around to making these products I will definitely make the switch.

colleen said...

don't give up on dish cubes, nathan! hang on for a couple of months, k?

Ryan said...

I think it is high time to use method lust to organise a big letter writing campaign to Target to encourage them to provide more shelf space for method products so that a wider variety of products are available for us to buy!
Hopefully if Target sees how much demand there is for method, and that Target is already the best resource to get the widest range of method products, they'll make more space and we can have even more method in our lives.

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