Friday, June 27, 2008

bigger isn't always better

Sometimes bigger ISN'T better, you know! YOU know. Ok, well, we're not going THERE. But have you taken a notice down your favorite retail store's laundry aisle lately? I've been noticing Target has recently redone their aisles. And guess what, all those gigantic bottles of laundry detergent have suddenly been replaced with much smaller packaging! Someone finally caught on?

No more unnecessary need to park the car under the nearest oak tree, so that you'll have room in the garage to hold your larger than life sized bottle of detergent! (They're really ridiculous! My friend buys them all the time, I can't get it into her head! She's always trying to lose weight as well, so I try to tell her "you know all that water weight you lose when you first start dieting. Well, that's what that bottle is you're dragging across the floor to your laundry room! - Water weight! Go concentrated!" But I've given up on her... I really have.) None the less, it's great to see the Big Brands finally (but slowly of course) catching on. What is surprising to me is method's laundry detergent is (and has been) 3X concentrated; while all the Big Brands have only gone down to 2X. One baby step at a time, I guess... sigh.

Oh, and who do you think started this "little trend?" Yep, you'd be right!

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