Monday, June 30, 2008

holy green mint, batman!

Ah'kay. So sometimes during work lunch, I like to head over to the OTHER side of town (and in this case, OTHER = scary, not so nice to be in, far far away so just driving uses up all my lunch hour but I'm bored and can't bear to go to Target one more day + side of town.) But that's where all the thrift stores in this town are. So I decided to head on over to Goodwill, as I've become a ridiculous addict of retro Christmas and jazz vinyl! So in I go, looking around, check out the tiny tiny vinyl area, gah, nothing. Poo. What a wasted trip. Well, after vinyl there's always the nick nack section! So I turn around towards the nick nack area, and suddenly it's like a giant meteor smashes through the ceiling, and a huge hole showers golden sunshine down from the Heavens, and spotlights a huge rack of...

(ok, there is no suspense here, cause uh, I've used the photo you see above. But fake it, ok!) method bloq! OK! We're not talking a couple bottles of body wash. OH no. We're not talking one lonely bottle like I found at my nearby Goodwill next to where I live. We're talking at LEAST one hundred fifty (I so counted the number in a row, then the rows.) bloq body washes; and I bet, over fifty boxes of bloq bar soaps! HOLY!

AND... as if this wasn't a miracle within itself. I wander over, check them out, and two things: one, every bottle has the method name black magic markered for some reason (boo! I'm a packaging wh*re, ok?) But, I lick my finger lightly, rub over, BOOM, off it comes perfectly. NO way. Two, they're priced at $2.50 a bottle. Not the best Goodwill deal, you say? BUT, they have another sticker on the other side of the bottle (to confuse you a bit, I say.) And what does it say?

.69 cents.

Did that sink in yet? sixty nine wha? sixty nine huh? sixty nine what'chu talkin' bout, Willis?! I manage to find ONE shaving cream, in a totally different section of the store (in the "green section." Goodwill likes to color separate everything. Yeah, don't go there.) But it was a bit messy, and priced at $1.99. I asked if it was .69 cents like all the body wash, but she gave some weird (uh, no. It's week three and those are week five, and by week nine it'll be half the price of week two. Or something like that? Huh?) so I passed (crazy I know, but: Nathan is CHEAP! Cause Nathan is POOR!)

But, I found a gas station selling $3.85 gas! Ok, who every thought I'd be EXCITED to find $3.85 gas. Sigh...

So that trip ROCKED! I ended up buying four green mint body washes, and one waterflower body wash. I've never bought the waterflower, so I figured I'd give it a try! AND I just might go back. When I find these kind of crazy deals, I literally want to buy up every last one of them, and give them out to everyone! All my friends! All my method lust readers! Whee! But I can't. Cause, well, rinse and repeat: Nathan is CHEAP! Cause Nathan is POOR!


robertcraig said...

I found those mother huge soap refills at Costco in the shape of the tear drop bottle. They are huge and are only 6.99. OMG!

Nathan Aaron said...

TAKE a pic! I need a pic for the blog. I'll post you found them! (Otherwise I'm going to have to run in and beg to buy just one, cause I ain't spending $50. on a membership just to buy one mother hand wash! lol

Sarah said...

I found Method bloq products at my Goodwill in Rolla, MO. It was priced at $1, and I loaded up. There weren't any black markings on mine, though--just a few target clearance stickers.

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