Monday, June 2, 2008

baby on the way

No, not my baby! Our office is having a slew of babies on the way as of late (well, alright, if you count two a slew. But then the woman down the hall in another business had a baby recently; and there was this mysterious baby crib sitting in the hallway near our office for a day that no one knew who it belonged to; so in my mind babies are freakin' falling out of the sky right now! Alright?) Anyway, I decided it was time to jump on the "giving method as a gift" bandwagon so many others here on method lust do, and gave method baby for a shower gift!

The first baby shower we had was pre-method baby. It was just getting ready to debut, so no luck on that one (though I did give the dad my baby wash method had sent me as a sneak peek! Just cause I'm sweet you know! But that fuzzy peach 3-in-1 shampoo so stayed with me.) But this time around I was trying to decide what to give the other father-to-be that works in our office (and we were going to be having a baby shower for him and his wife) and decided on the method baby line! (While at Target, mind you, the new Dwell Studio baby line; blankets, clothing, plush toys, all in such modern adorableness threatened to sidetrack my method plans! Those things are so amazingly mod and retro and just plain cool, I decided I was gonna go adopt right then and there just so I could dress the kid up in cute clothes! ...then I decided that might not be the best thing to do. Children aren't accessories, children aren't accessories. Repeat as necessary.)

Anywho... whew! In the end I decided to save the planet, and realized the method products would be much more useful. Plush giraffes with blue polka dots do have a place, but all babies gotta be washed, ya know? So I picked up the method baby wash, diaper cream, and body lotion. I SO wanted to pick up the bubbly bath, but money is tight; and I decided that was the least necessary item in the line. (Poor little albino otter, I'm sorry.) Yes, my photographic skills still suck, but you can see from the top photo the before, and this photo, the after.

I actually ended up using the original box method sent my sneak peeks, to put the gift in; including the brown recycle crinkle paper to pad the bottom. I did put one sheet of white tissue in to perk it up. Then wrapped it up all nice and gay like! And I think they'll really like it! (I got a thank you note today!) Many times when I give method to people, I really don't think they "get it" without me saying "it's good for the environment, and natural, and healthy, and will save baby seals and kittens; and bring all of Mother Nature together!" but I'm hoping people will read the small print on the bottles, and catch on. We'll see!

One note, Target either sells out of the baby wash like crazy, or barely orders any. I only found one bottle each at two different stores. The first bottle had, uhm, exploded or something, so I passed on that. (I love how even though the bottles are all nasty and messy, the Target employees just put them out/leave them out anyway.) Target needs to order more, or method is cleaning up on baby wash! Ha ha, get it, cleaning up... Yeah, it wasn't really funny to me, either.

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Netta said...

The baby line is definitely a great shower gift. I usually order the baby laundry detergent and throw that in and it makes an excellent gift and everyone always asks what is it and there is your opportunity to tell them what method is about.
At the Target that I go to I always have a hard time getting the lotion so when I see it in stock I buy 2 bottles at a time. Target is horrible with the messy bottles. Everytime I try to buy Method fabric softener the bottles are horrible. I complain to management about this and nothing has changed. Mind you, this is at three different Target's that I frequently visit.

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