Monday, September 22, 2008

squeaky savings

method luster Netta has let me know about two specials she discovered method is currently running on their method home site!

The first is called the watersaver bundle for $20, and contains a bottle of the new squeaky green laundry detergent (sweet water), lil' bowl blu, pink grapefruit dish soap, and sea minerals hand wash!

The second is the baby bundle, where you can save 20% off! This package contains squeaky green body wash, body lotion, bubbly bath, and diaper cream. All in rice milk + mallow scent! Yum!

Pick'em up while they last! Thanks Netta!

1 comment:

Sprockets said...

i gotta say, that watersaver bundle pic really highlights how out of place and yucky the new laundry detergent bottles are... what a strange design decision, the old bottle were nice!

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