Friday, September 12, 2008

method's feelin'

method home's updated their "feeling" statement at the top left side of their site. It now says:

"method is feeling squeaky. clean that is! we just launched the first of our new squeaky green laundry line. click here to check out the newest kid on the block."

So you can now purchase the new laundry detergent on their site! Yay! Though it looks like the wet dry sheets haven't made it there yet. (Perhaps they're holding off on the launch, and adding some wonderful scents to the line (since right now it's only sweet water, or go naked. Ok, I know that's not what's happening, but I can dream, can't I? Lavender + Juniper, I lust you!)

I have yet to see these new items showing up at Target. If you happen to see them come your way, let me know! Until then, you can pick'em up on method's site, or HSN! (Looks like the HSN thing was a limited time offer, they're gone.)

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