Tuesday, September 30, 2008

more chicago pics!

More detox Chicago pics courtesy of method! Ya know, does anyone else just crave the idea of method having their very own mini-stores, when they see shelves like this full of their products. Except like, full time mini-stores. Would that not rock. Instead of heading over to Target, you'd go "I'm off to the method store! I'll be back in a bit!" and get to talk with all the great people working there, and pick up ANY method product you want! (Not just the ones certain "ahem" retailers carry.) Ohh, but to dream.

And hey, if you head by the Chicago detox store, please take some photos and send them my way! And/or send me a review of your trip! I'll post them here on method lust! And put your name up in lights! (Well, maybe not lights, but definitely bold letters! Maybe even with a color...)

1 comment:

Karin said...

Seriously, I would LOVE to work at a mini-store! Hear that method...are you hiring...anywhere...because I am AVAILABLE! I've worked retail (two years at Origins) and I'm an artist (five years design)! :D

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