Friday, September 12, 2008

mashup method

Has anyone else noticed this as of late? If you head over to method's site, and view the "browse all" items listing, you get this mashup of all the method products (see pic above.) I swear I recall them being in proper order previously (laundry detergents, candles, aircare, etc.) But now it's a candle, then a laundry detergent, a t-shirt, etc. Really odd?

What does everyone think of this? Does it make it more fun to shop on method's site, or more confusing? I realize if you select a specific room/area, or scent/color, things get a little less WHEE! But I usually like to view it as "browse all" so I can easily see everything that is available? Perhaps it's something they're still working on?



Karin said... thought is that i am not a fan of their site (period). first off, unless you have a very high bandwidth, you are not going to see the all! which is pretty important...umm, actually necessary, to do anything on their site. so basically, the method site is unusable for me because i share a T1 connection with the other residents in my apartment complex (ugh!).

and although Flash was once cool to use on is now NOT. for a company that prides itself on simplicity...i think they need to rethink their unnecessarily complex web site.

(stepping down off soapbox...thanks for listening...haha)

robertcraig said...

I hate their website. I can't find anything. Gourmet???

Anonymous said...

Method's website is an utter mess, no matter how "pretty" it may look, it's horrible when it comes to usefulness and functionality. Things don't always work properly, information is missing, they don't even list all of their products (new products). They need to start thinking a bit more about usefulness and usability and functionality and stop obsessing so much over being "pretty".

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