Monday, September 8, 2008

when is a candle not a candle?

Alright, so if you've been reading, you'll know some lusters have been having issues with method's new aircare candle. We all lust it like crazy, but the glass jar (as adorable as it is!) ends up being too big for one wick, so the candle doesn't quite melt like it should.

I mentioned what I was going to try and do was melt the candle down, pop in a new wick, and burn it from there. WELL, I tried that. And ya know, I don't believe I have a "candle thumb" (ya know, like green thumb, but for candles, and such and oh well, it's late, ok...) because I tried this, and it pretty much failed. It burned, but since the wick was no longer glued to the bottom of the jar, it sort of fell to the side after a while, and the melted wax poofed it out. Sniff. No more candle!

Now, you see the pic above, right? Well, that was AFTER I had melted the candle down, and tried to do the wick thing. The candle burned straight down the middle, I pushed all the wax down to the bottom, and melted it. But the wick replacement surgery didn't work, so what was a method luster to do?


Awesome reader Rebecca was SO sweet (and I haven't even thanked her yet via email! THANK you so much Rebecca!) She decided to give away her method aroma beads, and the bead ceramic thingy to me, so I could finally experience aroma beads (as I'd never bought them before! Shh, don't tell anyone.) So nice of her! Well, I was sitting there with my melted down candle, and ding ding! I decided to scrape some of the candle out of the glass jar with a simple spoon, place the candle bits onto the ceramic uh, thingy (that melts down the aroma beads. What IS that thing called?) and pop a tea light in, and away the pomegranate candle bits melted down all nice and fragranc-ey! Yay!

What a cheap person won't do, right? I know, I know. But seriously, I think method might really have to rethink this one wick thing. I LUST the new glass jar, just pop in another wick, and it's all fine method, all fine.


Sprockets said...

maybe the wick is not long enough and/or you aren't burning the candle long enough at a time to allow the way to fully melt evenly?

robertcraig said...

It isnt the wick length or number of wicks. It is the size of the wick. I make my own soy candles and I have to use different wicks depending on the diameter of the container. It looks like Method used the same size wick as the Rashid cups, so it melts the wax only as far.

Nathan, you are a smarty! I like the idea of using the wax.

If you want to "re-wick" a candle you need a wick with a metal base clip, some sticky wax to keep it in place then repour the melted should melt in a microwave. But the right size wick makes all the difference. Any craft store has candle making supplies.

What is up with the gingerbread + spice? Where is it?

Karin said...

what bothers me is that it seems like there isn't a lot of testing (if any) involved before these candles are manufactured and shipped out. this seems like an obvious problem that method should have realized at the would only take one candle burning to realize this flaw. i mean, what is going on here? or did they knowingly put a somewhat faulty product on the market because they knew people would buy it anyways? it's sad to see method making an obvious mistake...because it now causes me to question their operations and integrity. am i the only one, or does this bother anyone else?

side note: this is how frustrated i get...and i haven't even bought one of the new candles...which of course i won't now.

Rebecca said...

you're ever so welcome!! and you won't believe this... I was at a bridal shower this weekend, and what was my door prize??? yep, a method peppermint vanilla aroma bead set.
right after I had given mine away. I just about died.
: )

Lisa & Jason said...

When your candle gets beyond burning, put it in the freezer for a few minutes (after the jar has cooled) and then the wax should easily pop out. Break it up, put in your bead burner or potpourri-style burner and voila!

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