Tuesday, September 30, 2008

who doesn't lust a good man in a uniform...

...Oh, it's not THAT kind of Marine, is it? Oh, ok, sorry there. Well, method has announced the big marine naturals line, sending out an email today! In case you're not on their mailing list (yet!), it reads (also available on their people against dirty blog):

"We’re so excited about our newest line of personal care products! Like all method products, we give you the good stuff – refreshing ingredients like sea salts and kelp extracts – without the bad – like EDTA, which bonds to heavy metals in waterways, or triclosan, an anti-bacterial officially classified as a pesticide by the EPA.

In fact, with fragrances like sea minerals, water flower, and refresh mint, it’s so invigorating that it reminds us of our skinny-dipping days. come on, you know you’ve done it too. We’re so sure that you have a good skinny-dipping story that we’ll send out some free Marine Naturals to the person that leaves the best one here in the comments section, or on the wall of our Facebook page by Friday, Oct. 10. Just, er, keep it clean, ok folks?

Look for Marine Naturals at Target and other retailers."


Take note of that last line. It appears they don't have plans to sell marine naturals on the method home site as of this moment! I know that's disappointing for some lusters out there that have yet to find it at their local Target. Hopefully it'll hit soon! In the meantime, go read those skinning dipping stories!

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