Tuesday, September 9, 2008

one man review - aroma pill nightlight

Hey all! I'm here with the first of my (hopefully daily, let's see how it goes!) new product reviews!

First up, the much anticipated, much wished for, oh yes we finally got it, method aircare aroma pill nightlight!

Where to begin? Hmm, how about it freakin' rocks! Seriously, straight up I give this five out of five. And I'm not even just bein' nice cause it's a method product! I lust this so much. Take the wonderment that is your current method aroma pill, and give it a Six Million Dollar Man punch-up! (Wait, who is the Six Million Dollar Man, you ask? Man, do I feel old! How about the Bionic Woman! No no, not that "new" blah one on NBC last year. Oh, ok... I'm old, sue me.) and you have the new nightlight!

I love that they didn't mess with a good thing, namely the great Karim Rashid design. But instead took it to the next level, and implemented the nightlight feature that we'd previously seen in other Big Brand plug-ins. It gives this oh so cool, white/blue glow from the whole plastic/plug-in base, and it's just right. Not too bright, not too dim. It's perfect! And it automatically goes on and off, depending on the lighting in the room! How bling is that! (Yeah, I know, I so just used bling really wrong, but I'm working on giving it a new meaning? Ok, spread it around, see what happens.) I can see walking into the bathroom now during the night, without tripping on cats, or furniture, or boyfriends, or... wait, what was that last one again? I've forgotten what that was. Let me look it up in the dictionary. Hold on one moment...

OH! Ok, yeah. I remember what those are now. Ahem, But I digress.

Anywho, you get the same great pill released scent (in my favorite, lavender + lemongrass!) now with glorious glow!

I can't recommend this one more! So go on, pick one up! You'll totally agree with me! One thing I am curious about is if the light bulb in the base is replaceable, when it goes out. And how long does it last? I'm thinking it's probably not, and I bet the bulb lasts a long time, but at $8.99 a pop, I hope it's a real long time.

But seriously, don't let the price hold you back, you won't regret it! Again, five out of five!


Karin said...

i concur...i think the aroma pill nightlight rocks!

Netta said...

I agree with you Nathan. The new aroma pill is not over done. It gives the right amount of light and I love the lavendar lemongrass scent. I have one in all 3 of my bathrooms which makes those middle of the night trips easier when I'm half asleep anyway.

kaoticorchid said...

I may have to try the new aroma pill as our led nightlight in our hallway just went out and I'm not all about tripping on our poor cat!

Hey, Nathan-I bought one of the aroma sprays last week and every time I spray it, it leaks from around the top part. Have you or anyone else had that experience or did I just get a bum bottle?

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