Thursday, September 11, 2008

doin' the depot?

Could Office Depot be the (for a short time) hot new method spot? Could be!

A friend of mine called me a while back to let me know he's seen these small bottles of method cleaning spray at an Office Depot he had gone to earlier. I realized they carried a very limited supply of method items, but had never actually checked it out for myself. At first I was thinking it was probably the wood for good, or stainless steel cleaner. BUT, what if it wasn't? What if it was leftover holiday mini-sprays? Hmm! I thought... but forgot about it.

Until today, when I had to do a quick run to Office Depot for work, and quickly took a peek to see if this store (not the same one my friend had mentioned) was carrying any method? Tada! In fact, they have an entire little area blocked off, sort of Target style, just for method! I was so impressed! But mixed in with the mostly normal method items is what really shocked me. Old version two bottles of dish soap? Those have been discontinued for quite a while! But even MORE shocking? A brand new, in the box, never before opened aircare aroma capsule! In grapefruit + pear! With ONE refill, sitting so nicely in it's refill box, all alone, right next to the capsule. I mean, HOW long have those been discontinued? Fo'ever! And apparently Office Depot knows this, cause it was $10.99! I'm thinking they were charging vintage antique pricing for this method item! I jest, I jest...

Anyway, when you get a chance check out your local Office Depot! You may just be surprised what method goodness you find hidden away there! I don't think they've ever discontinued an item. They just wait for it to sell, or there it sits (waiting for US to find it!) Go!

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robertcraig said...

Oh, I miss the Aroma Capsule. It was the first thing I fell in love with. It was HOT looking, functional and portable. I kept one in my office at work and it worked better than any aroma pill. I could smell the grapefruit and pear in the hallway outside my office! It worked great in my truck too. I used them up until the very end. I even have a sweet water capsule still in the package for the sake of being vintage one day. Classic Rashid. Old school Method before they got all Josh and all.

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