Tuesday, September 9, 2008

thank you

Ok, have you ever had all your stars line up, but in reverse? And it just seems like all the sudden, everything is going the WRONG way? Well, ok, that's my life at the moment. So I wanted to take a short pause and just whisper this to you. Why, you ask? Cause come on, you all are important to me! That's why!

Don't you fear, method lust and Nathan aren't going anywhere! In fact, with most blogs, my blog posting rhythm would be spot on, but NO, not for ole' method lust! You all have big expectations for me, and I aim to please! I haven't decided after nine short months I'm bored with ye' ole' method lust! Never shall it happen! So don't you fret, don't run off, stick around, hold on, grab a big slice of cake, with plenty of icing, and a glass of milk, and uh, send it to me. Ok? Thanks! I appreciate it. (PS - I really like chocolate, but uh, I'm not picky. Oh, PPS - But blah, no carrot cake.)

Life is sorta tough right now, and without getting too much into it, it's just been difficult for me lately. Just in the last couple weeks, it feels like lots of things are crashing down, and whew, I'm gettin' crushed (which happens I guess, when uh, things go crashing.) Or my brain is crushing me with plenty of unfounded worry, but either way, it's the main reason method lust is lacking over the last week and such. But my goal at this moment is to at the very least get one good post out there for my lusters every day! And more if I can. And I know the light at the end of the tunnel will be coming my way, sooner or later!

And I wanted to give you all a BIG shout out, ok? Cause I was all funkified this evening, woe is me, blah blah blah, and I popped on method lust late this evening, and simply read the five or so comments people had left today, and you know what, you changed my entire mood for the rest of the evening. And given that last night I was wanting to eat live kittens and fight polar bears to the death Spartacus style, you've done something mighty grand! Seriously, thank you. I left my blog smiling, happy, and totally changed for the evening. And you will NEVER know how that currently makes me feel, but it's great. Hey, the blog really does go both ways! Yay!

So don't fret, stick around, the good stuff is just gettin' started! Just bare with me, as Bette Davis said in some really great movie you should all rent tomorrow (uh, All About Eve, ok? But don't rent it from Blockbuster. I went there the other night and asked about Imitation to Life, and the guy actually said "Oh, man, that movie was made in the 1950's. No Blockbuster would be carrying that in the store." Like 1950's movies were some sort of plague or something. Poor, poor, boy. Oh, but where was I?) Bette Davis says "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night." But the great thing is, bumpy nights always end.


karena said...

did u watched "what happend in veges" cameron diaz was using method cleaning wipes and go nake all purpose spray!!!

Felicia said...

We love you Nathan!

Karin said...

hey nate-

sorry about the funk you've been in...but i can totally relate...i, unfortunately, was let go from my job two and a half weeks ago due to my company having financial problems (yeah the economy sucks for small companies!)...so yeah, you can say i've been in a funk myself. hopefully your funk is nothing like my funk!

i definitely appreciate your blog and i check it every day! you are a much better blogger than i am...i'm lucky to get one blog written a week. keep up the great blogs! :D

Netta said...

Keep your head up Nathan, the storm does pass by. A lot of people are going through rough times now for various reasons and sometimes the situation gets the best of you but pick yourself up and know that it's going to get better. I was laid off because my company was down sizing due to financial problems. I have been unemployed for over a month and a half and there were a couple of weeks that I was in a funk. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and now I am out and about at job fairs and networking to find a job and I am convinced that I will get a job when the time is right. So just hang in there and don't let your situation get the best of you. There are a lot of method lusters that support you and your bog. I hope that everything turns out great for you.

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