Wednesday, September 10, 2008

more spray, less dribble

Ok, so believe it or not, I've gotten a few questions concerning the new aroma spray bottles. While we lust the new o-ring design, a small problem is occurring:

"Hey, Nathan I bought one of the aroma sprays last week and every time I spray it, it leaks from around the top part. Have you or anyone else had that experience or did I just get a bum bottle?"


"Hey Nathan, I just wanted to know if anyone has mentioned anything to you about the aroma sprays leaking. I purchased vanilla apple, pomegranate, lavendar lemongrass, and citrus cilantro. They all leak when I spray them around my home. The leaking comes from under the neck of the ring. At first I thought that maybe the ones that I have are defective, but all 4 of them? Not sure what the problem is, but I am not enjoying that every time I spray my home I have to wash the leaking fluid off of my hands."

Fortunately, it's not a faulty bottle. Unfortunately, in method's grand reach for all things wonderfully designed, sometimes small issues get missed. In this case, it's not really a big deal, though the new bottle rings do require a little "learning curve."

Here's the thing. (I'll TRY to explain it as good as I can. I'm such a bad explainer, you know?) You might want to watch the bottle as you spray, and see what I'm saying (of course not directly watch, or you'll spray in your face! Moreso to the side.) When you press down on the nozzle, also pull your finger back slightly while pressing, so the nozzle is pointing more up, and spray. If you try this, then try pressing down the nozzle, and pointing the nozzle down a little, you should immediately see the spray hit the ring neck, and drip over it a little. That's what is happening here. Hence, you think it's leaking. I had this happen to me the first time I used it, and went "well this blows. I don't want that every time." But just worked with my spray angle, and haven't had a problem since.

Just remember, it's not the CAN that you adjust, it's just the little trigger nozzle. Again, press nozzle, pull your finger back slightly while pressing, so the nozzle is pointing more up, and spray. Tada! No more drip! (Unless that no good boyfriend of yours is still living in your apartment rent free. Tell him to get a job, or move out! Drip!)


robertcraig said...

I used my pom tea spray this morning and the liquid was running down my hand. This never once happened with the old spray cans. What is going on with their quality control?

And you know they are reading this. But no one from Method will comment and say what's up? When will they own up to it?

However. I love the pom tea scent.

Sprockets said...

Nathan's analysis is correct ;)

The spray hits the ring, collects there and starts to drip.

Netta said...

Nathan you are correct I did what you said and I no longer have the leaking problem with the spray can. Thanks for your help ;-)

Karin said...

hmmm...i've had no problems...and i have sprayed up, down and all-around!

Ej said...

I have had no problem with mine!

notahetero said...

How can you people NOT understand that the spray is hitting the ring? The first thing I did when I got the new ring aroma spray was make sure that the spray was not hitting the ring.. SHeeeeesh

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