Wednesday, September 10, 2008

one man review - marine naturals body wash

Yesterday I reviewed the aroma pill nightlight, and pronounced it a rousing success! (What does that mean, anyway? Rousing? I gotta go look that up sometime. SOMEtime.) Today we're hitting up the new method body wash line, marine naturals. The line comes in waterflower, sea minerals, and refresh mint. For this review I'm doing the refresh mint. (It also comes in a body scrub, but unfortunately I have yet to purchase that. Anyone out there who has, and would lust writing a review, email it to me! And I'll post it! No, I'm serious! Real serious! Not that fake wishy-washy serious, but real real like!)

Ok, I'm gonna fess up, I think this review is going to be slanted. lol HEY, I admit it anyway. Why? Cause I really did love some bloq green mint body wash (the ten backup bottles hiding in my method vault should reveal that one just a little, eh?) But I got a nice sample of the refresh mint foaming hand wash before the line hit (hand wash will be reviewed separately, by the way... so hold on to those pants!) and while the scent was different, I did like it a lot. More of a mojito/spearmint touch to it, over the more bold mint the green mint scent gave off. And it lasted on my hands every time I washed them, so mmm!

That's where this body wash sorta falls short. It's the same scent, but with the bloq body wash, an hour later I still smelled like I had washed with green mint (cause I'd walk around and smell my arms a lot. Yeah, it's weird. I'm weird. But I smelled like green mint, so it was a definite good weird.) But with the new refresh mint, the scent doesn't linger. It's gone before I step out of the shower. And I sniff twice over that one, cause I wanna smell all minty all night long!

But is that what a body wash is, the fragrance? Well, no! For ME, yes. Ha ha! But for most, know. Does it clean well, I sure do think it does! Does it lather well, I bet I'd say it does, too! Some with eczema and itchy skin have even said it's helped them out! Perhaps it's the natural salt contained within the wash (a whopping 97% purifying sea salt, to be exact!) The bottle is dang cute, I've gotten use to the flip top (though I still think my squeeze bottom as a top would work perfectly! Seriously, squeeze hole (yeah, that just doesn't sound right, but go with it, ok?) on the top. Then all you gotta do is grab bottle, flip over, squeeze, and go. No dripping! Oh, I'm so good, so good. And the new scrub has a similar styled squeeze tube mechanism to it. I checked it out in the store. "Please don't squeeze the method!" Hey, I think that tagline is available, guys!)

So here's the thing. I'd give the body wash, as a body wash, a big ole 4.5 out of five! It works great! And I'd give the body wash fragrance a three, simply because I think green mint was a better mint smell, AND because it just doesn't linger like the previous body wash scents did. Perhaps the sea minerals or the waterflower does, though? I have yet to try those, as well.

Ok, tomorrow, we rassle up some hand wash! What will I think? Different than the body wash? Or the same? Stay tuned! Dum-dum-da-DUM! I know, you're falling off your chair in anticipation, really, I know...


Sprockets said...

i've only used the scrub once but it was nice. not ready for a full review yet ;) it is so slippery though, kept sliding out of my hand into the tub! not a huge fan of the scent.

haven't tried the body wash yet. they didn't have the refresh mint at Target, and the waterflower is gross.

i seriously doubt it will come close to the Bloq mint wash =/ I am almost out and going into withdrawal. I may have to splurge and order from, all the other online suppliers seem to have dried up :(

does Smart & Final carry method stuff ever? I was hoping to luck out at Goodwill like you did, but nope.

Netta said...

I have yet to find any of the marine naturals line at my 3 local Targets :-( and I want to try them so badly.

Sprockets I was able to get bloq green mint body wash, lotion, and soap set from hsn and the shipping is free if you order $40 worth of method products and they have a variety to choose from.

Sprockets said...

Thanks Netta!

Yeah, the marine naturals are really hard to find in San Diego too =/

I considered getting the Bloq trio from HSN, but I think I'd rather just get the body washes from method, those are what I want the most! ;)

Amazon had some good deals on Bloq stuff before, but they're out of the go getter green...

Kirby said...

I'm *kind of* lusting the body scrub. I've used it a couple times now and dig the scent (which I renamed "nice clean boy") but I find that most scrubs aren't as abrasive as I'd like.

Karin said...

:( I bought the refresh mint marine naturals body wash and if I could find my receipt I would return it. Even though I smelled it in the store, I am not a fan of the reminds me of another brand but I haven't been able to figure out which brand it reminds me of. And it dries my skin out like mad! This makes me sad. I just wish I had bought the creamy almond flower body wash instead. Now I feel wasteful if I don't use it...but I don't really want to use it. Dilemma.

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