Tuesday, September 2, 2008


While walking down the Target aisles this weekend (don't even...) I roamed past these two younger women, and overheard one of them saying "Have you tried Clorox Greenworks?" I was walking on by, when my "ding-ding! method sales moment!" bell rang out loud in my head, and stopped in my tracks, turned around, and heard the woman say something "mumble, mumble, method." So she obviously knew about method, right?

I mentioned out loud to her (with her probably wondering who the heck I was? Too bad I wasn't wearing my method t-shirt at that moment! Sometimes I want to lie and tell people I'm an official method employee! I think that'd have more weight, don't you? Oh, but lying is naughty, I know, I know. You think method would be mad at me for lying about working for them? I mean, I do sorta do a blog for them? Though they don't pay me, and it's just for fun. But it's for them. Sorta, in a way, slightly? Right. Nathan just likes to have it work out in his head, then it's all fine. Ok? Moving on...) Anyway, I mentioned out loud "Have you tried method?" and she says "Oh, yes, but it's just not powerful enough for me. So I was curious, I've heard that Greenworks was powerful."

Pause. What was she wanting, to spray the cleaner and have it knock out a hole in her bathtub tiles? Or spray, and walk away, no scrubbing necessary? I've been using method for ages, and I think it works great! Did she mean anti-bacterial? Mold killing? What did she mean? Able to bench press 200 lbs? Is that a lot to bench press? Can you tell I don't excerise or know anything about bench pressing? Uh-huh.

So I stumbled. Darn me! I left my "how to sell method to potential advocates" booklet at home, and went "Oh, really? Wow. Well, I haven't tried Greenworks, but I'm completely addicted to method products." to which she reiterated "Yeah, they're great, but just not powerful enough for me." And with that I walked off, as she thanked me for giving my point of view (but not really accomplishing much.)

I should have asked what she was talking about in particular, when she meant "not powerful enough." Bathroom cleaner, lil' bowl blu, all-surface spray? What? I didn't get enough information from her, to direct my response properly. I froze, ok?

Sure, I wish I could just spray some method on my bathroom tiles, walk away, come back later, and it's all shiny and clean. But uh, (I feel) green cleaning products DO take a little more elbow grease than your average "I clean, eat away all the wallpaper and kill your brain cells,too" toxic cleaners. And used to, that would erk me. But I've gotten used to it, and it isn't too bad!

Was she just being lazy? How would Greenworks be more powerful? It's supposed to be "just as green", right? What are your thoughts? (Moreso on method's powerfulness, less on the woman's possible laziness. Ha!)


Karin said...

Ok...so I *heart* method...but I don't *heart* all of method's products. I have to agree with the woman at Target...I do not like the all-surface spray. When I've used it on my kitchen counters it doesn't break-up grease and stains very well. It also feels like I'm just spraying nicely scented colored water (I know you're going to hate me for saying that). So I use Seventh Generation's kitchen spray...which seems to have more "power" to it and breaks up kitchen splatters.

And I now LOVE Le Scrub but before method had the scrub they had a liquid spray tile cleaner...and I thought it was horrible (sorry, I feel like I have to apologize but I'm just being honest). The spray did nothing to help clean my tile/tub and believe it or not, the spray made me sneeze and cough just like bad chemicals do! Ouch!

Overall I would definitely say method products do seem a bit milder (which has positive and negatives)...and I can understand how people wouldn't want to take the extra time (and sometimes extra money) that is necessary with these milder/gentler products. I tend to like the method products that don't require work...like the air sprays, candles, plug-ins, hand soaps etc. But I do think method's products are getting better and better (albeit a little slowly). I mean, how could you not love Le Scrub and Lil' Bowl Blu (had to end on a positive note)!

robertcraig said...

Yeah, I agree with you Karin. Some Method products seem less than great. We don't buy the Method dishsoap because it doesn't seem to cut grease as well as the Ecover dishsoap we get at Whole Foods for a great price.

My partner says Lil Bowl Blu is awesome (I don't do toilets...or dishes for that matter...)

Nathan Aaron said...

Robert, you must have a very understanding partner... cause I'd make you do the dishes, for sure.

steve parker said...

i've never had any issues with any of the all-surface sprays or dish soap. my mother used to complain that the cleaners were not strong enough to get the job done, but she uses it every day now and always tells people how great it is, so maybe it's just getting used to a different kind of clean.

Ether said...

I'm with Karin and Robertcraig. The all-surface spray just doesn't cut the grease/stickies/goopies/stains. It's great for just wiping down things as routine maintenance, but for cleaning up a mess it just doesn't cut the mustard. For that matter, neither does the Mrs. Meyer's stuff I've tried either. For dish soap the Method stuff leaves more residue on my dishes than I'd like- I know part of that is that my partner may be being less than attentive to all the spots of the dishes, but honestly I don't think we should have to wash dishes with a cotton bud to get them clean. We're currently using Trader Joe's dish soap and it works beautifully. The bottle lasts so much longer as we can use a lot less soap and get dishes much cleaner.
I'll also say that when I initially tried the glass cleaner it left haze and streaks on my windows. I've yet to try any new bottles due to this. I'll stick with vinegar and coffee-filters for now.

Using some method products said...

Yup, The only Method products worth anything are the aircare stuff, the hand soap, the flushable tub and tile wipes, and probably (since I haven't tried them yet, the glass cleaner, the O-Mop and the stainless steal cleaner - I'm just guessing with those, but how can you screw up glass cleaner?). Lil Bowl Blue? No thanks, I'm using good old fashioned Lysol, or Mr. Clean - you want disinfection! Cleaning the shower? I'm using Kaboom! Now THAT works to break down grime and soap scum. If nessecary, Tilex or even good old fashioned Ajax. Method's spray tub and tile cleaner is just like spraying scented water around, it's true. It's smells nice but don't expect it to sanitize, disinfect or clean up any real dirt. Method is really hit or miss. They also need to quit changing their product lineup and scent choices as often as they change their underwear. Their product line up needs some stability. Oh and one more thing. Sweet Water is the most sickening, heavy, overbearing, cloying scent ever invented, and yet, they continue to issue the most products with it! Gross!

Anonymous said...

I like the all-surface spray and have never had a problem with its effectiveness. The bathroom cleaners, on the other hand, are useless in my opinion. I agree that I wish they'd stabilize their assortment a bit - I'm tired of not being able to find my favorites. For the toilet, I keep dish soap and water in the brush container and swish daily - no problems. The shower is still a challenge without using something toxic. The free & clear laundry detergent (if you add Borax) is amazing - the best I've tried. I'd say the one place Method falls down is in the bathroom. Maybe they can do something with enzymes or something that would work better?

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