Friday, September 12, 2008

one man review - marine naturals hand wash

Continuing my (partial) week of new product reviews, last time I focused on the new marine naturals body wash line! I thought the body wash worked great, while the new refresh mint scent didn't hold up to the old green mint bloq scent, and didn't linger on your freshly cleaned body after a shower, again, unlike the green mint.

So this review is going to hit the hand wash portion of their new marine naturals line. method has started this thing where, when they release a body wash scent, they tend to also release a matching hand wash scent to go along with it. And that is what they've done here, with sea minerals, waterflower, and refresh mint.

Ok, here's where Nathan loses it? Are you ready? (You knew it was going to happen sooner or later, right?) I received a hefty trial of the foaming hand wash in refresh mint. (Speaking of trials and samples, I recall Colleen mentioning that samples for the new products would be rolling out! I wonder how those are doing? We are a greedy bunch, aren't we! But Whoo! samples! I can't wait!) Anyway, I'm not a foaming hand wash kind of guy. (Shocking, I know.) Eh, I don't know, the foaming hand wash just doesn't cut it for me. I feel like I have to wash my hands twice for some reason, cause it's this light foamy stuff that isn't as GRR as the gel hand wash. Don't ask me, I know LOTS of people that lust the stuff, so I'm in the minority. Ok, but what I loved was, every time I'd use the foaming hand wash, the scent of refresh mint would linger wonderfully on my hands! Mmm! Great, great, great!

Then I bought the body wash. And it didn't linger. Hmm? How very odd? But the foaming hand wash does? Hmm? Well, the minute I run out of foaming hand wash, I'm going to buy some gel, cause gel is the way I go!

And I did. And it works great as a hand wash, just like all the rest. Nothing to complain about at all! BUT (ok, one thing?) the scent doesn't linger. Just like the body wash? Is this a gel issue? Has Nathan really lost it? What's going on here? Does the foaming hand wash somehow hold onto the scent better? Could it be that double washing I was doing? LOL Who knows? (Nathan is SURE hung up on lingering scents, let me tell you! What is his deal? Geesh!) Anyway. I found it odd.

So here's the thing, I'm giving it a 4.5 out of five, cause it works great, as all their hand washes do! But again, I wish the refresh mint scent lingered longer. As for the foaming hand washes, I have yet to see them hit the Target stores, while the gels have been out for a little while.

OH, and one other thing, I don't know why I feel this way, but the previous waterflower scent in the bloq line was nice, clean, light; but just alright. And even in the marine naturals body wash, it's just alright. But everytime I go to smelling the gel hand wash in waterflower, I just go MMM! I love it! I think I might have to get some in the gel hand wash!

Don't ask me, I've really got issues. Or a very sensitive nose... who knows?


Karin said...

i'm opposite...i really like the foaming hand wash and only feel so-so about the gel wash. the foaming wash is gentler and leaves my hands softer...and smelling much better...and i only lather up once! gel soaps...whether method or some other brand...have left a residue on my hands...yuck!

i truly am a believer in foaming products...i even like foaming face washes better...if only method made foaming face wash...oooo!!!

Netta said...

unfortunately the marine naturals line has yet to show up at both of my local Targets so I have not been able to try anything from this line :-(

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