Friday, September 12, 2008

why so smart?

Did you get your email recently from method? It was chock full of goody information, including their new smarty dish cubes! In case you missed out on the email, you can also read up on it on their people against dirty blog!

"Here at Method there’s a bunch of stuff we like: happy hours, pretty colors and smells, innovative ideas … the list goes on. And as you know, there’s also stuff we don’t like. Phosphates and chlorine bleach are two of those things. They are also two ingredients – especially phosphates – that a lot of other companies include in their dishwasher detergents.

When we introduced you to Lil’ Bowl Blu, our toilet bowl cleaner, back in February, we told you a little bit about phosphates. Phosphates in our water supply contribute to algal blooms, which deprive fish and other water dwellers of needed oxygen. That’s dirty. Two counties in Washington banned the use of phosphates this year, with the rest to follow in 2010, and many other states are looking into the issue as well.

So to answer our own question, Smarty Dish is smart – no, brilliant! – because it gets the job done in your dishwasher without anything nasty you don’t want dirtying up our water supply. It comes in pre-measured tablet doses that fit neatly in your dishwasher’s detergent compartment, so no more worrying about the dreaded “overpour.”

And speaking of smart, Smarty Dish passed quite a few tests before we decided that it made the grade..."

Head on over to read the rest!


And speaking of smarty dish, the go naked ones FINALLY made it to my Target! (They've had the pink grapefruit for a while, now!) Yay! (I say yay a lot, don't I? Yay!)

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm I've looked for it the last two times I stopped at Target and I still haven't found it. Hopefully I'm blind or something. I would really rather be using Method.

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