Friday, September 26, 2008

do yourself a favor...

...and rent this movie! Wait, why is Nathan talking about movies on method lust? It makes no sense! Do they clean with method products in the movie? Well, no. Does method do some snappy product placement in this movie? Again, erm, no.

But listen... the movie is called "Year of The Dog", and it features Molly Shannon. Don't even get me started on Molly Shannon. I just love her to death. She's just so great! So that's what got me to rent this movie tonight, her. But the movie itself is just so amazing! You have to watch it. I'm not even going to go into it. Let's just say, I found myself replacing dogs with method (I'm SO not joking), and it felt like my life. Especially the ending... wow. Maybe it meant a whole lot more to me than it will you, but I think if you're an animal luster (and isn't method a big part of that world, too!) AND you think a little out of the norm (uh, yeah, and I repeat, isn't method a big part of that world, too!) you owe yourself to see this movie.

You'll really get it when you see it. So go, rent it! What are you waiting for? Oh, ok, well after that, go!


(But, PS - speaking of method IN the movies, method luster Kari wrote me to say: "I was watching the movie "What Happens in Vegas" and I thought I noticed one of the characters using Method products during the movie. I was just wondering if you knew anything about this and if they are actually using it. I am not too sure if it is in there or not but I thought I recognized the awesomely stylish bottles. If it was Method, the products that I think I saw were the cleaning wipes and I believe the all purpose cleaner. The scene that I am mainly talking about is when one of the characters (Joy) moves in with her Vegas hubby and starts freaking out because of the lack of cleanliness."

Can anyone verify this? Let me know, or drop me a screenshot and I'll add it to method lust! Thanks!)


Anonymous said...

Yep! It's true, Method has a cameo in What Happens in Vegas.

Karin said...

Don't you mean the movie is called "Year of the Dog" said "Dog of the Year"? Anywho...method also makes a cameo, I believe, in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (the first one). The character named "Tibby" works in a grocery store and she is filming employees and there are several shots of method products in the background. It's old skool method...but still method. Thought you might like to know.

kaoticorchid said...

I saw the Method products in "What Happens in Vegas" just night before last! She uses the cleaning wipes in cucumber and also it looks like she uses the daily shower spray on sheets? It was really confusing-clear bottle, blue label. Not sure if they got confused there or if it was an older label or something. It is in the scene mentions, though.

Nathan Aaron said...

Very cool! Yeah, Karin, thanks! You don't know how many times I get that titled confused when telling about the movie to friends! Of course having the box cover ON my post should have helped me out a bit, but I've never actually said I was very smart, now have I? LOL

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