Wednesday, September 10, 2008

method gets down and dirty

Over on people against dirty, method's oh-fish-e-al (now THAT takes talent!) blog, they've been helping out,and cleaning up!

"If you ever have the chance to visit method or talk to one of its employees, one of the first things you might notice is a heightened level of passion that its employees have, not only for products they create, but also the values they share. Values like sustainability and environmental stewardship to name of a few, but also social responsibility.

So striking is this notion of doing good that a small group formed (informally at first) around the idea of identifying charities to which we as an organization could give. The group became known as Ecomaniacs (a slight misnomer since many of our projects are oriented around social good, not just eco-intiatives).

Last week, the method Ecomaniacs set out to sponsor a volunteer day around cleaning up a local Compass Community Services family shelter. Compass is an organization in San Francisco which provides emergency shelter for homeless families for up to 6 months until permanent housing can be found. So, 46 method people against dirty shut our laptops and took a day to clean, repaint and even install some new furniture at the Compass shelter. We did leave a skeleton crew back at the office because, well... someone’s gotta mind the fort.

After a long, rewarding day of hard work, we realized that every now and again it’s good for a soap company to get its hands a little dirty."

Head on over to their blog to check out tons more pics from the big day!

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