Thursday, September 18, 2008

fall-ing for method

Have you seen the new aircare reed diffusers yet? They should have hit your local Target by now. They've added vanilla apple to the line, and everytime I see the packaging, it reminds me of Fall. Glorious Fall. The color is just spot on. Mmm. Lust it!

What do you think of the new egg shaped sans neck vases? I think they're great! Even MORE minimal, if that was possible. I have yet to pick one up, but I know there's a lavender + lemongrass with my name on it.

Speaking of Fall...

I haven't forgotten. Look at all those glorious aircare gingerbread spice products! Yum! And apparently sad Target has decided not to carry the line this year. (Right now you can purchase all except for the aroma spray on method home.) I'm working to dig up a little more information concerning where else these special edition products may become available (either online, or in other stores?)


Mini-rant. I LOVE method to freakin' death, but really, they gotta work something out with their online store. $10 for a candle! We already think they're pricey in the store, but you have to pay an extra dollar (for most things) to order it "directly" from method, and that excludes shipping. It really prevents me from making purchases from their site. You would think it'd be cheaper, simply because you're suppposedly taking out the middle man. Right? I think they need to step up to the plate, and really figure out how to solve some of their online pricing "issues." (Wow, that sounded down right bossy, now didn't it! Whew! Ha!) I hear lots of grumbling from all over the internet-osphere about how their online prices and shipping charges are so steep. I bet if they changed this up, they'd see a huge increase in their shopping traffic. Hmm...


Quill said...

I'm waiting for the cinnamon bark scent...I ran out of it earlier this summer and I intend to stock up much more thoroughly when it comes back!

Nathan Aaron said...

Oh, quill. I got bad news, it's not making a return this year. The Holiday scents are: Frosted Fir, Toasted Hazelnut, Winterberry, and Spiced Pear.

I too, LUSTED that cinnamon bark scent. At first I thought it was too "manly" but ended up loving it! I have one little cb candle sitting in my cabinet waiting for the Holidays before I light it.

Maybe it'll return next year! (Spiced Pear is making it's return, after around a two year hiatus! Yay!)

Grrg said...

I'm pretty sure it would endanger a company's contracts with their retailers if they were underselling the retailers online. Right?

robertcraig said...

I think it is a shame that Target is not carrying gingerbread spice and probably wont have the hazelnut (another fall/Thanksgiving scent) until late October. All the other retailers are in full swing with their fall scents. I just went to Williams-Sonoma and bought their pumpkin spice dishsoap, handsoap and counter spray, and Pottery Barn's Autumn Spice pillars are the best fall scent anywhere.

Nathan, I am not even going to comment on your remark that you thought the cb scent was initially too manly.

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