Sunday, September 14, 2008

the good chef speaks

We've been having quite a bit of discussion concerning the new method aircare candles as of late, and I had the privilege of receiving an email from method's good chef, Ryan Williams, to try and explain their original thinking a little bit more:

"I was reading some of the feedback that folks had provided on the candles...

... the fact is that the new glass candle form was a fun challenge for our green chefs. They were working with multiple new parts, including our new veggie only renewable wax, new fragrances, and the new cool shape from our industrial design group. Our development philosophy was to first ensure that the flame didn't get too tall and the glass wouldn't become too hot to touch. With these safety considerations in mind we then tried to reach 100% wax consumption and are admittedly falling a little short.

It was cool to see how creative everyone is about using every little last drop of wax! I especially love the remelting in the Aroma Bead ceramic. And our idea was that the glass bowl makes a pretty cool place to store spare change on your dresser."


Ya know, seriously I don't think we (well, at least me! I'll just speak for myself here) even realize what steps go into something as "simple" as a candle, or any method product for that matter! I still hope that down the line they will revisit this new candle design, and work to improve the issues they're now aware of. I think a lot of times that's why we see continual stages with method products. They're always striving to improve upon themselves, and their previous versions. While this definitely causes some issues where stability comes into play with their product lines, I also feel it provides for better products! Will this be the last iteration of method candles we see, definitely not (I mean, we're sorta on version four now!)

So while none of us like to be, at times perhaps, a companies own "personal quality control" in a sense, I think that's also what makes method lust so great! method does read what we say here, and takes in how we feel about a certain product/fragrance/idea. And how many Big Brand companies can you say that about? So while the candle situation isn't perfect at this moment (and personally I think a price reduction at least down to the original Karim ceramic candle pricing would help out a lot, as I think many of us feel like perhaps we got a less "completely usable" product, with a higher sticker price.) I can also bet you that the next new candle iteration will have fixed these issues we are currently having!

Until then we can keep coming up with more fun, creative ways to use up the remaining wax, like that ceramic burner idea! Do you have any ideas? (And I definitely think with the new candle I get, I'm going to try Robert's idea, and buy a few of the metal inserts that hold the wicks in place when I re-melt and pour the remaining candle wax. I think that's why my last attempt failed! I'll let you know how it goes!)

Whew, such a serious post! Don't mess with method lusters when it comes to their prized aircare candles, right? Right!


Another note, it appears (from information luster Robert has let us know) that the new fall edition gingerbread + spice candles will NOT be carried in Target stores. I'll see what more information I can get concerning this. Poo! I was so looking forward to those. I guess we'll have to be happy with the pomegranate tea fall edition candle for the time being. Which rocks! So that won't be too hard.

I bet this is what happened to method's spring/summer line of fresh lychee and cut grass aircare products. It appeared online, but never showed up on Target's shelves; only to appear in Big Lots stores months later on clearance. I bet Target decided to not carry those as well. Target just gets on my nerves sometimes! Grr! Seriously, we should consider doing an email deluge concerning our desire that they carry all method products! (Including a lot of people saying that the marine naturals line has STILL not made it to their stores. I'm not sure what that one is about?) What do you think? Email deluge?


Netta said...

I agree with you Nathan on a couple of things in this article.Since Method is aware of the problems with the candle, I agree that a price reduction is in order. You are right as far as Method responding and listening to their consumers. I write into method quite frequently whether good or bad and I always get a response back (either Felicia or Sarah). My last write in was about the candles and the aroma spray. (My candle left too much wax in the container & my aroma spray was leaking) I got a response back regarding my concerns thanking me for my feedback and that method is in the process of trying to work out the kinks and a few days later I received a few coupons in the mail from them. Before becoming a method advocate I had written a few letters and emailed some Big Brand companies with concerns about some of their products that I was using and to this day (a little over a year) I am still waiting for a response. I like that method responds and explain things about whatever product I am writing about and the main reason why I will continue to use their products. I also agree with you about Target. I have 2 locals Targets and they both have yet to carry any items from the Marine Naturals line. The pink grapefruit smarty dish was put on the shelf this weekend, let's see how long it takes them to get the free and clear ones on the shelf. I also noticed that both of my Targets are beginning to carry less and less of the regular products and because of this my last method purchase was from hsn. They had a few things on clearance and the shipping was only $2.95. Taking into consideration the gas and the hassle of going to both of my Targets and not finding the products that I wanted, I came out cheaper and stress free with my online order.

robertcraig said...

Netta! I agree with you 100%. Method is really great at getting back to you. Sarah is awesome. And I can be really needy sometimes...she always delivers.

The Target near my house has everything new (except gingerbread spice) and they have a huge aircare section and a huge cleaning section. The other target by the mall only had one Marine Naturals scrub. 1 bottle. And their aircare section is mixed in with every other brand. They have a cleaning section but not as large and full as the other local Target. I dont know why they are different. I dont know if it has to do with store volume, square footage or managers, but the 2 stores are less than 20 minutes apart.

Perhaps Method pushed the candle and spray to market too fast and didnt have time to test it more. Hopefully the holiday candles will not have this problem. Or I will go INSANE. DONT F*** WITH MY HOLIDAYS!

Karin said...

interesting, my Target had the fresh lychee and cut grass aircare products this summer and I live in northern VA.

on another note, has method stopped making the ylang ylang shower spray? it doesn't look like my Target has it anymore...and I just got hooked on it! argh...this always happens to me!

i went to Target yesterday to get Le Scrub and shower spray and they were both out. :( By the way...there isn't a single Target in the northern VA area that has all of the method products in one place...they are all separated out with the other brands. You guys who have them in one place are SPOILED! :)

Nathan Aaron said...

I just bought some ylang ylang refill last night, so it's not gone from Target that I know of! The very idea! Hopefully it'll be back in stock in your Target very soon, Karin! Cross your fingers!

Karin said...

ok, bought some shower spray...found it at Whole Foods...but i wish i could find the refill...i had to buy another full bottle of it. runs out SO quickly!

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