Wednesday, September 24, 2008

what the?!

Traveling to Florida this weekend, I got my best friend to stop on by their local Big Lots. ALWAYS lookin' for a method find, I just had to go, you know? And what did I find! Wow! Well, take a look at the pic above. I had literally just ran out of my old method free + clear dryer sheets, and was waiting for the new wet dry go naked sheets to hit Target; when I found a box of the free + clear at his Big Lots! Score!

Then we were roaming around the health care aisles, and I think I literally did a "what the?!" double take as I spied TWO, not one, but TWO bottles of vintage method lavender + thyme body wash! This stuff has been discontinued forever! This was method's first foray into body washes. I lusted this stuff! Unfortunately, sniff sniff, one of the lids was cracked, and wouldn't stay tightly on the bottle. SO, wanting to save my suitcase from exploding method body wash bottles, I opted to only purchase the one good bottle, and had to leave the other bottle behind. Not unlike those horror flicks you see where one of your really good friends trips over a twig, breaking their leg, while the bad guy is running after you with his machete; and you attempt to save your friend, but he yells to you "Go! Run! Save yourself, it's too late for me..." Well, that's what it felt like, leaving that one lone sad broken bottle of rare method body elixir behind.

Really! I know, maybe a tad over dramatic, ok? But JUST a tad.

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steve parker said...

Oh, I am so jealous! I loved the lavender + Thyme Creamy Body Wash! I was so mad when I found it was on clearance. I bought every bottle that Target had in stock. I didn't run out until after the bloq body wash came out, so that shows how many bottles I bought. I wish method would bring back this scent!

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