Thursday, September 25, 2008

all washed up?

UPDATE method "development dude" Fritz dropped a comment letting us know:

"No Smarty Dish demise, folks. Info from Target as of today is that they are pleased with the product. There *are* some endcaps going away though."

Colleen Reilly let's us know that while smarty dish cubes are alive and well, if your Target is discontinuing the product, there is a slight possibility that particular store may not carry the item after the discontinued product is gone.

Great news as far as I'm concerned (minus Target randomly discontinuing and not carrying!) Yay! Thanks Fritz for the udpate! In the meantime, run out and pick up some cheap cubes!


Ok, what is going on here? method lust reader and ever vigilant Netta sent me an email today letting me know the new method smarty dish cubes were on clearance at Target.

Yes, you read right, clearance! So, having no life, er, I mean wanting to stay up on all things method, I ran out to Target to check the damage myself. And there they were, still on the end caps proudly displaying their dish cleaning debut, only with giant Target clearance stickers on them. (Ok, they weren't really giant stickers, but they felt like it!)

This is exactly what happened with the first dish cubes! (Well, even THEY lasted longer than the smarty dish!) They were at Target for a while, then poof, gone. No more cubes. I just can't believe Target didn't even give them a chance. I'm hoping my local grocery stores will/are carrying them, as they tend to carry the dish soap, and laundry items. Otherwise, like many other method products, we'll only have method's site to make our further smarty dish purchases.

I'm seriously thinking up a Target mass email challenge. I'll post more on it later. It's time we were heard! In the meantime, I'd run out and pick up your cubes before they're so long, goodbye. Netta's Target already has them on second clearance, while mine is only on first.

PS - I really think method needs to plow forward with getting their products into more stores. Target used to really rock, and while they still sorta do, they seem very "eh" towards method's stuff for the most part (well, that's my own personal opinion, at least.) I guess as time goes by, and people become more green, they'll be able to get more of a foot hold in other stores; but for now it's just sad to see a product get discontinued at Target, because many times that means it's not long for this world (at least from past experiences.) Let's hope that's not the case with the smarty dish cubes, for sure!

But I'm just hoping other stores start carrying more of a full line, instead of the "this and thats" many of them currently do. I have to laugh sometimes, at how many options for shopping and stores we have available today, and yet how watered down, and "everyone sells the same stuff they know everyone else will buy" we get faced with each time we go shopping. If I want my frickin' Dawn dish soap, guess what Target, I can get it in about nine zillion other stores. This is the freakin' land oh plenty and giant buildings full of "buy me, buy me's" (sadly!) Variety should be the spice of life, not the occasional exception to the rule. (freakin' AND frickin', all in one post! Yes! Am I a little bitter? I can't tell...)


In slightly positive Target news, they currently have the hand washes, and moisture body wash line (olive leaf, almond flower, and white tea) on sale! As well as the baby + kids squeaky green body line. The hand wash varies (refills and regular bottles) between a quarter to fifty cents savings; but the body wash line gets a big sale! They currently have the $7.49 body line down to the same price as the new marine naturals line. All baby + kids, body wash, and bar soap is currently priced at $5.99 for the sale! Run out and pick some up!


robertcraig said...

More and more, my partner and I are kind of over Method. In the past year the quality and package design has really gone down hill. The new Marine Naturals line is about as mainstream as you can get. What a disappointment compared to the Bloq line. The new bottles and graphics are nothing like the old school minimalist Rashid designs. Now Target carries less and less. All the while other companies like Williams-Sonoma and Crabtree and Evelyn are coming out with green products that smell a billion times better than Method products. They cost 2-3 times as much, but I guess you get what you pay for these days.

I am still holding out for the holiday line. I am hoping the Scent Queen still reigns supreme and delivers a line that is as fragrant as it is well designed.

Karin said...

I say clear them out...send them back to method! I try, I really do and I just end up wasting money on products that don't work. The smarty dish cubes either get stuck in the dispenser and I end up wasting water by having to rewash the dishes - or - they dissolve but leave my dishes crusty and still dirty! ARGH! And my dishwasher is like a mini's smaller than the average size (that's what she said) I hate to think how they work in average size washers.

I hate to say it but Cascade really is the best detergent out there!

Netta said...

Sorry to hear about your experience Karin but they work fabulous for me. Before using smarty dish I only used Cascade because in my opinion I thought it was the best too. I have a regular sized dishwasher and my dishes come out very clean and even have a shine to them.
I am one method luster that hate that they are being clearanced and hate that it is getting harder and harder to get even the regular method products from Target.

Fritz said...

No Smarty Dish demise, folk. Info from Target as of today is that they are pleased with the product. There *are* some endcaps going away though.

Rebecca said...

Nathan, you've really touched on something here that bugs me - you are so right, there are sooo many shopping options that all sell the SAME STUFF. grrrrr!

colleen said...

wow, you guys are resourceful + get your news fast! it's colleen from method, reiterating that smarty dish is alive and well. be aware, though, that the stores that have them on clearance *may* not carry them afterward in regular display. the retail world ...

Anonymous said...

I finally found smartydish at our Target. Yay! Even though I didn't need it I grabbed one. And you can be sure I'll be trying it before I am done with my not so green dishwasher detergent.

And I also loaded up on other goodies that were on sale. Yay for Method at a discount!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else encountered the fact that Smarty Dish does not fit in their dishwashers? We have to break them in half to have them fit, but unlike other greener cleaners like Seventh Generation these actually do work and don't leave residue.

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