Friday, May 30, 2008

naked notes

Some time back I did a quick post on how method lust reader Steve had been using the method go naked spray cleaner and dish soap for carpet cleaning and clothing spot treatment! So I decided to give go naked a try, and see what resulted! I haven't yet purchased the dish soap for the spot cleaning (I tried the spray cleaner, to be honest, and wasn't that happy with the results. But perhaps that's because he said dish soap, and not spray cleaner, for spot treating your clothing! I'll listen from now on, I promise!)

But I've given the spray cleaner a run for it's money, using it to replace my carpet spot treatment cleaner. I have two cats and they like to make messes, let me tell you! In fact, I have this nice WHITE shag rug (ok, it's more like creamy white now, cause I didn't do the no shoes rule, shame on me - and how do you clean shag rugs, other than spot treating, anyway?? I don't think it's possible) in my living room. And I came home last night to, well, a mess on it. As in cat = barf. Not in one spot. - Four. I was not happy. (Oh, and this has happened before, but not for a while.) So, in between my three hour Lost fest on tv, I decided to give the go naked cleaner a try!

And you know what, I'm impressed! Do I think method could just slap "carpet cleaner" on the label and be done with it, nah. But for a simple ole' all-surface cleaner to do as well as my carpet cleaner (that costs more, and is bad for the environment, and I swear has bleach in it?) I'm pleasantly surprised! It took a little more elbow grease to get out the big stain; I had to spray the main spot three times total, let it sit for about five or ten minutes, then I took this small bristle brush I have for cleaning, and just started "scrubbing" at the spot, using circle patterns; and then I'd pat it with a towel afterwards each time. And by the third time, wow, it was gone! I think we all want to be able to just spray something, and poof it's gone; no actual work (I know I want that!) But I think the point of natural products are they are better for the environment, but might require a little more gusto on your part (even though method tries hard to make them work as easily as possible!) but I think I'm working to get that in my head as time goes by! Stop being so lazy, and do a little bit more, the result is great and it's better for you!

So end point, I'd recommend you giving the go naked all-surface spray a try next time you want to get a spot up off your carpet! (Definitely use go naked, though; no colors, no scents.) Let me know how it goes!


Kristin said...

I did some back-blogging the other day and came across that very article. I decided to try the grapefruit all surface spray on my carpet and it worked great! I didn't have to go over any spot more than once and one by one, each spot came out with just blotting. Grease, baby spit-up, food, crayola marker... no contest. No spotting from the dye (it's so light anyway!), either. I'm very pleased. I went out and bought the dish soap to try the laundry stain suggestion, so I'll let you know how it works!

BTW, Nathan, we had a Lost marathon last night, too! What a coinkidink!

steve parker said...

what is it about cats that they can't throw up in one spot? my last cat (who died 3 years ago, i'm still sad) only puked in her litter box (no idea why, but i loved her for it!) now i have two cats who adore making messes.

anyway, that is one of the hardest things to get out of carpet (especially shag). glad to hear go naked worked for you.

Nathan Aaron said...

Lost ROCKS! Almost as much as method!

Steve, you know cats have this actual thing where they want to puke (or other things) in carpet or such, as it's like a "hiding thing" for them; and cats hate having that stuff laying out in the open. It's a cat cover up/hide thing, it's some scientific stuff I read a while ago that I'm explaining really badly here, LOL. Anyway, it annoys the crap out of me, cause all my floors are hardwood or vinyl, WHY can't they just puke on those! It would be a five second clean up! Sigh... oh well, so is this thing called life.

Netta said...

Nathan, I started using the naked dish soap to spot treat my cloths before doing laundry when Steve recommended it and it works really well. Who would of thought? I haven't tried any other products from the naked line but I will in he near future.

melanemac said...

I bought a spray bottle and added about a 1/3 bottle of the go naked dish detergent and then hot water and shook. Then my husband sprayed on the carpet and simply vacummed and it is much, much cleaner. I can't wait until we have a house with hardwoods, so I don't have to deal with carpets.

And yes, my cats only barf on the carpet...or couch...never on the tile.

Just wait until they are in sippies...milk stains are absolutely killer on carpet. And you don't realize they are there until the spot is dark.

robertcraig said...

Enough about cat puke. You guys are gross.

robertcraig said...

Cat puke is EVERYWHERE:

Anonymous said...

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