Tuesday, July 1, 2008

come on in

method luster steve parker let me know HSN.com is running a sweepstakes, and they have an ad which showcases method! Look at one of the prizes you can win!

"Green Your Life with Method - Founders Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry offer a prize package that's keen on green. You and a companion will visit the Method headquarters in San Francisco, where you'll design a personalized home detox kit and dine with Eric & Adam. After a day of natural nourishment at Solage Calistoga resort & spa, you'll be sent home to a year's supply of your custom-designed Method products, a Whirlpool Duet Steam washer & dryer and the eco-efficient Whirlpool dishwasher. Winner announced July 30 on HSNtv."

OK, custom-designed? Uh, what DOES that mean? Like we can make our very own as I dreamed about here! Or does it mean we get to select our very own grouping of method products to use all year long? I don't know! Hey, anyone from method reading this, if you have more info, please comment below! I'd appreciate it!

I actually, quite by coincidence, saw this ad on tv this morning during The Today Show! So sign up, you just might win! (Ok, well chances of winning are probably pretty slim. I mean, just from experience, I never win a thing! Nothing, nada! But hey, where's the harm, give it a try! You never know! Well... I know I won't win, but you might!)


colleen said...
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colleen said...

hey nathan - we're not kidding when we say a lucky winner will get to design their own method product. we haven't worked out every single detail (come on, we fly by the seat of our pants here to some degree - isn't that part of the reason you love us?), but the idea is that we'll give you some fragrances and colors to choose from and you'll get to make your very own method product that you'll actually get to take home with you and brag about to all your method-lusting friends. pretty cool, huh? enter early and often!


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