Saturday, August 23, 2008

one wick, two wick

method's new aircare candle line has just hit the shelves? And possibly a snag in the new design? method luster Robert had this to say:

"BTW The new glass candles suck. The wick is too small to heat up all the wax. You spend a dollar more and you get 2/3 the candle. Plus I think the glass looks a little too Glade. Karim had it right."

and Jamison added:

"Good point. I have realized that while burning the new candles. I am pretty disappointed. I think Method needs to drop the price and redesign them, or add another wick."

I happen to agree, actually (with the wick/candle burn issue. I personally think the new glass jar design is great! I think it retains the Karim look, while being updated.) What has everyone else's experiences with the new candle been, burn wise (I swear it's barely been out on the shelves, so it may take some time to get people's opinions?)

This reminds me of method's premium candle line. I lusted that line, but it had the same issue for me. I still have a few of those candles, and half of the wax remains in the glass jars, while their is a big ole' hole burned right down the middle of the wax. And that's what is happening to the new candles, as well. My only solution at the moment is to burn it as is, until it reaches the bottom; then go and remove the wick metal tab (at the bottom of the candle), and melt the wax down, put in a new wick, and go from there. A bit out of the ordinary, but I think it would work. But I also love the idea of the two wicks in these new bigger candles! I have quite a few candles that are slightly larger/wider than a "normal" sized candle, and those will have two, sometimes three wicks. What are everyone's thoughts? Have you tried out the new candles?

One thing I think we can all currently agree on are our thoughts on the new pomegranate tea scent.

Robert ended his post by saying: "But the new (pomegranate tea) scent is AWESOME." And I certainly can't argue that one! It's great!

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